November at The Joy Club – Food and drink month

We’re delighted to announce that we’ll be launching courses this November! In addition to our stand-alone live online events, from November we’ll be offering longer-form courses in Tai Chi, Creative writing, Gentle Cardio and more. Courses will enable members to develop their skills over a number of weeks in order to reach their fitness or creative goals, and will be available for an additional fee (see individual course pages for full price details). Sign up to The Joy Club today to be amongst the first to hear about our new courses as they launch!

For November, we will be exploring the culinary world with the month’s food and drink theme.

As well as our usual programme of exciting creative workshops, musical performances and fitness events, our members can indulge in expert talks, including Bob Tate’s cultural history of food and a fascinating talk on inherited recipes and the history of emotions with Professor Joanne Begiato. 

There will also be some opportunities to get busy in the kitchen with former Bake Off contestant Karen Wright’s autumnal sausage roll and chutney recipes as well as a cook along with award-winning chef Monisha Bharadwaj.

We have over 100 live, interactive events to enjoy each and every month, so feast your eyes on these recommendations on what to look out for this November…

What’s on your plate?

A cultural history of food with Bob Tate ~ Wednesday 2nd November at 11.00am

Come along for a whistlestop tour of how some of our favourite foods came to be on the plate and how tastes have changed over the centuries. We will explore how our staple foods came to be everyday items – and some of the risks and perils of dining, which our forebearers unfortunately encountered.

Recipes to reduce food waste with MasterChef’s Beth Thomas ~Tuesday 15th November at 1.30pm

Reduce food waste in your home in a fun and creative way. You will learn Beth Thomas’s favourite waste-saving tips and how to use them daily, including her trick to make herbs and salad last three times longer. She will then host an interactive cooking demo where she will show you how to cook two dishes that will become kitchen staples, using those odds and ends which would normally go to waste. We’ll finish with a fun food waste quiz with some surprising foodie facts and finish with a Q&A.

Indian food cook along with award-winning Monisha Bharadwaj ~ Tuesday 22nd November at 4.00pm

In this class, Chef Monisha Bharadwaj, will teach you how to prepare a simple, healthy Indian meal that is balanced and delicious. You will discover new ways to use spices and bring out their flavour as well as how to cook perfect rice. The skills you learn will be transferable and you will be able to prepare many more Indian recipes using these basic tips. Recipes, shopping and prep lists will be sent in advance so that you can be prepared to be guided by Monisha on the day.

November bakes with GBBO’s Karen Wright ~ Thursday 24th November at 3.00pm

Learn to make sausage rolls and chutney with former Great British Bake Off contestant Karen. In this session Karen will demonstrate how to prepare both vegan and meat sausage rolls – and how to create a Christmas wreath using sausage rolls too! These rolls are great to make ahead of Xmas and bake from frozen when you fancy a tasty treat. Karen will also make a fabulous caramelised red onion chutney to accompany them.

Inherited recipes and the history of emotions with Professor Joanne Begiato ~ Tuesday 29th November at 1.30pm

Do you have a family recipe that you have inherited? Most of us have foods that we bake or cook that remind us of family and relatives, which stir emotions and memories and form a part of who we are. Joanne will talk about the project she leads: ‘Inheriting the Family: Emotions, History, and Heritage,’ which brings people together to talk about the meaning of the things that people inherit from family members. She will focus on the recipes we inherit from our families, considering why these help us think about our identities, our families and our heritage. 

How much does it cost to become a member of The Joy Club? 

There’s plenty more to discover and enjoy at The Joy Club. If you’re not already a member you can sign up and enjoy one month of free Premium membership (normally £9.99 a month), which will give you unlimited access to all our sessions, our new daily uplifting articles and all the conversations happening in our forums. You won’t need to provide your card details and there’s no obligation to stay on after your trial. 

About The Joy Club

The Joy Club is an online activity club and community that provides inspiration for a joyful retirement. Members can try something new at live online events, find inspiration with our uplifting articles and videos, and discover a community of like-minded people in our forums. Whether you’d like to try your hand at crafting, practise Tai Chi or join an expert talk – or perhaps you’d prefer to grab a cuppa and settle in to read our latest articles – there’s something to bring you joy at The Joy Club. Membership is open to anyone living in the UK who is retired or semi-retired.

Member testimonial

“People often worry about what they will do when they retire, but very quickly you become seen as an additional resource – care of elderly parents (or even spouses), care of grandchildren and so on. The Joy Club is quite simply time for oneself, for exploring the things which interest you.”


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