November Lockdown Health Challenge: exclusive offer for A&G readers

As we head into another lockdown period many of us are worried about keeping ourselves fit and healthy. In the Spring it seemed easier as the weather was kind and we could get outside to do lots of walking. However, with shorter days, it means that evening walks are out. I have been getting up so early to walk the dogs at 6.30am but I can’t say it’s much fun as it is often raining. So in order to keep ourselves fit and healthy we have turned to Maddy, a yoga teacher & gut health adviser, to give us a November Lockdown Health challenge with an exclusive discount for our readers.

November Lockdown health challenge

Just remember that what concerns experts is not just the creeping pounds that are accumulating on waistlines during these lockdown periods, but also an alarming loss of muscle. “Physical activity is such a potent stimulus for muscle growth that when it is limited or withdrawn, the result can be catastrophic for our muscles,” says Richard Kirwan, a researcher in the school of biological and environmental sciences at Liverpool John Moores University.

As you know Grace and I are great fans of Yoga and my Yoga teacher, Maddy produced a 15 minute yoga routine for everyone to do in the last lockdown which was very popular. See below for the first of these 3 videos.

I have also written about the Synergy Gut Cleanse programme that Maddy advises on as well. (Read my detailed post on this programme HERE).

During the last lockdown I did the Synergy 3 week gut cleanse programme together with 2 Yoga classes a week, via Zoom, with Maddy and I can honestly say it is what got me through lockdown. I felt energised as the weeks progressed. I was also confident that I was doing all that I could to keep my mind and body healthy. A few A&G followers joined up for the gut cleanse programme and were impressed by the results. Other readers joined Maddy’s online Yoga classes and are still with her 6 months later as am I.

MADDY (don’t worry you won’t be expected to master this move for some time!)

We are all back on Zoom and whilst the short days and low temperatures can encourage comfort eating and lazy days I can thoroughly recommend this programme to keep you sane. You will be so happy when you have completed it and December, a normally challenging month for diet and exercise, will seem a breeze.

Maddy is therefore suggesting that we join her for a 3 week programme of gut cleansing and yoga at a special discounted price to A&G followers. Read her message below & join up for her November Lockdown Health Challenge….

NOVEMBER LOCKDOWN HEALTH CHALLENGE ….turn your home into your very own Wellness Retreat.

So another Lockdown in the UK looms. But here’s a thought 🤔 How about making November, all about wellness, not illness, so you can greet December in great shape.

Lockdown One, seemed to be fuelled by alcohol and an abundance of high calorie ‘treat’ foods. Many of us are still carrying the extra pounds gained!! How about doing the reverse in Lockdown 2? Healthy living.

21 Day at Home Retreat: Gut Health & Yoga Programme

To give you a focus, from Monday, 9th November I’m going to be running a 21 Day at Home Retreat: Gut health and Yoga programme. An inside outside approach to cleanse, detox, reset and reboot the gut microbiome through targeted supplements, probiotics and a healthy diet, at the time enjoying 2 online yoga classes a week to strengthen, tone and achieve greater mobility. Get yourself prepared this week. Set your goals. Message me for details of my November Wellness at Home Retreat, to receive your gut programme and access to online yoga classes.

Normal cost: 6 yoga classes – £60 Gut cleanse programme – £225 A&G readers – £245 for both together.

To find out more:

Email Maddy at and mention Annabel & Grace to get your discount.

Maddy is always available via email so any queries whilst doing the Gut cleanse programme she is happy to answer. Of course you will also see her, virtually, on Zoom at your two yoga classes and she will be encouraging you all the way.

So come on, join me on this November Health Challenge.

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2 years ago

Good luck Grace & Annabel and everyone else in England with your lockdown. Next Monday Wales is coming out of a 2week lockdown which go be honest is bit of s farce.
In the main Supermarkets all electrical goods, clothes, Xmas goods etc were closed off with tape so if your hairdryer bows up, or your iron conks out then you are scuppered. Thing is you could buy
certain toiletries which may be right next to Xmas toiletry gifts which are a no go.
Anyway as you know I have followed you both for years and only comment now and again.
I The only other I read regularly as well is Susan after 60. Last week I suggested to her to do a post focusing on pyjamas, nightshirts, comfy slippers with arch support , robes to put on after bath or shower and flattering dressing gowns. Also her favourite perfume to spritz on after a fragrant bath etc.
Let’s face it isn’t it lovely in the evening after a bath or shower in these dark nights to still feel elegant feminine and fresh,
So Susan has taken up my advice and on Thursday she is doing a post based on comfy elegant after dark nightwear etc.
Of course items will be American based so it would be great if you both could do something similar.
Hey Lockdown is the best option but I wish it was national not Wales, Scotland , and Ireland al doing different levels of lockdown. As always I am Welsh but strongly more British in the United
Best wishes and thank you both for all the hard work you put into ‘Annabel & Grace ‘
Pamela , from Wales UK.

2 years ago

Look forward to the post , stay safe,
Pamela Wales Uk