Nutty Banana Nice Cream: Super easy to make at home

Nutty Banana Nice Cream

Recipe by Amelia Freer, tried & tasted by Bumble



Fed up with banana cake? I wonder how many of us have been baking those during lockdown! Bananas are such a wonderful fruit, full of  potassium (which can help lower blood pressure) but boy, do they go off quickly. This Banana Nice Cream is a fantastic way to use up ripe bananas.


  • One ripe banana

  • 2 tsp almond or hazelnut butter

  • 3 tbspn coconut or almond milk

  • Few toasted nuts


  • Freeze your banana the night before you make this. Easiest way is to peel the banana and break it in half.
  • In a small food processor or blender, whizz up the banana and nut butter with 2 tablespoons of milk. Push the mixture down the sides of the bowl and add another tablespoon of the milk. Use just enough to get it whizzed up smoothly without becoming runny. Scatter with toasted nuts if liked. Eat immediately, as it defrosts quickly (although I’m sure I won’t need to tell you twice!).

Cook’s Tip

  • Am a huge fan of Amelia Freer and this recipe is delish, but bananas frozen and blended on their own are also scrummy.