Oat Soak

My husband has always had ‘itchy skin’, and in fact I think it is getting worse as he gets older. His GP has given him various creams, some of them steroid based which he is reluctant to use, which I can understand. So, when I found out about Oat Soak Bath Sachets, I thought he would be the perfect ‘tester’ for them.

7075-mOat Soak is an ingeniously simple and 100% natural way of instantly calming and soothing dry, itchy and irritated skin, soothing inflammation and restoring smoothness and elasticity.

Oats have been used for the skin for 1000’s of years.  These days, some doctors still recommend that both children and adults with the above problems, try soaking their skin in a mixture of oats and water. However, having an oat bath can be a very messy business, which is why most people don’t even attempt it!

Oats contain up to 20 times more silica than other plants. Silica is a cross-linking agent that helps strengthen skin and gives it elasticity and smoothness. Oats also contain an active extract called avena sativa, which has been shown in several studies to help reduce skin inflammation. Oat Soak bath sachets make them simple to use. They are pleasant to soak in and easy to wash away with your bath water, much like any other bath product.

Once the contents of the sachet are poured into the bath, just wait for around 10 minutes before getting in, then soak in the oat water until the skin feels soothed and smoother. My husband definitely felt a difference immediately after his first bath with the oats. His skin felt calmer and less aggravated the following day. Having stocked up, he intends to use the Oat Soak sachets every few days when his skin has a flare-up, otherwise as and when necessary. He particularly enjoyed the fact that he was using a natural product.

Oat Soak sachets are suitable for use on children, are free from all chemicals and perfumes and are travel-friendly. They can also help soothe sunburn.