On the street where he lives

So Spring has sprung, the grass is green and on my face a smile can be seen!

In the first ten weeks of this sparkling new year I attended two funerals. The first, to my surprise, found me a beneficiary in the will which was a lovely surprise and I was very touched.

On the street where he livesAnd the second? I met a gorgeous man who gave me goosebumps and made me believe lightning can strike twice! He is even a close neighbour – although I have never seen him. A fellow dog walker, we arranged to go for a walk together. However five weeks on – despite countless chatty friendly texts and emails – the dog walk has yet to happen. I am loathe to keep pushing but I put the ball firmly in his court on my last text by saying “Just tell me when you’re free.” I have also heard a rumour he may have a “girlfriend” but, thankfully, I have also heard it isn’t anything serious. We have mutual friends in common who think we would be perfect for each other. I also found out that another chap I frequently bump into on my river walks is actually a colleague of aforementioned gorgeous person!!

I don’t know what to do but am currently just keeping a low profile and keeping my fingers crossed! What’s a girl to do??? By sheer coincidence I dog walk regularly past his house anyway (these days in full make up and looking my best!) and find myself humming – “I have often walked down this street before, but the pavement always stayed beneath my feet before” !!!