Pamper Missions: Treats for your Hips, Arms, Legs & Feet

If you’re still cautious about leaving the house, have you thought of having a virtual facial with beautician Jane Mann? She’ll post you a box of fragrant Dr Hauschka products and then give you a 1-to-1 facial on Zoom. In the meantime, here is the last in her series of Pamper Missions – ideas on how you can treat yourself between professional treatments – with treats for your hips, arms, legs & feet…


“A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips” is one of those jolly things people say to women when the decide to eat something that possibly might have any benefits health-wise. Why do they never say this sort of thing to men?!

We need to learn to love our thighs and hips and then maybe they’ll love us back and look a little smoother and do what they’re meant to do ie move us about and hold us up.

Here’s an easy 10 minute firming massage for the hips. Use with Lemon & Lemongrass body oil which is ideal for cellulite.

Apply oil with a gentle, gliding movement, spreading it onto your thigh. Start above the knees and work upwards. Repeat until your entire upper leg and buttocks are coated.

Stimulate your circulation Massage the oil into your skin with both hands, using circular movements. Always work upwards from the knee to the buttock area. Repeat the circular movement three times on the outer edge of the leg, and three times on the inner thigh. 

Kneading. Work upwards from the knee, kneading the oil into your skin. Do this by lightly grasping the skin, then releasing it, alternating hands. Repeat this sequence over your entire thigh and buttock area.


Possibly the most neglected areas of the body. We agonise about lines on the face, slather on hand cream, but ignore our limbs.

Rosemary Leg & Arm Toner is also one of the most neglected Dr Hauschka products, but once tried it fast becomes a favourite.

After a long day, whether sitting or standing, your legs and arms can feel heavy. This tonic lightens them and lifts your spirits at the same time.

To tone and invigorate your skin, apply this warming botanical blend. It’s also brilliant before and after exercise. If you’re off running on a cold wintery morning, it’ll give you the get up and go to start. It’s also supposed to help reduce varicose veins and cellulite, so another bonus!

Another place where you may want an instant boost is on an aeroplane. This tonic also minimises water retention and the rosemary content supports healthy circulation. Apply evenly to the legs, feet and arms, massaging towards the heart using a figure of eight movement. Allow to absorb before dresssing.


Stuffed into unsuitable shoes, walking, running, shuffling about in endless queues. How your poor feet suffer! Let’s given them some TLC.

Find yourself a large enough bowl and fill it with warm water. Spritz in some Sage Bath or Spruce Purifying Bath Essence and soak your feet. You could, of course, read a book, knit, sip wine or watch television as you will be somewhat immobilised. Let’s hope the doorbell doesn’t ring! Once your feet feel a little more suited to a glass slipper, dry them and moisturise using some hydrating foot cream. Finish off with some socks and slippers and put your feet up.

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