Pamper Missions: To revitalise Your Hair, Face & Eyes

I recently enjoyed a virtual facial with beautician Jane Mann on Zoom using wonderfully fragrant Dr Hauschka products. Apart from this luxurious treat for my skin, she also turned out to be a mine of information and I learned some really useful tips during my relaxing session with her. Jane has very kindly offered to share some of her Pamper Missions with us – her ideas on how you can treat yourself between professional treatments. This week, she concentrates on your hair, face and eyes…


How well do you treat your hair? It’s washed, dried, coloured, curled, straightened, brushed all the time, and it’s not even alive – it’s well and truly dead.  As a dodo. The only guaranteed way to get stronger shinier hair is to eat well and look after it, but that’s for future hair.  We still need to treat what’s currently there.

You can dramatically improve the appearance and feel of your hair by being gentle with it. Applying a hot oil mask regularly will give it shine and increased strength. Best done in a bath, so have a mega pamper session and apply a mask at the same time. Multi-tasking, multi-masking!

You can whip up a deep conditioning hair mask – it’s nice to scent it, so I add one drop of essential oil – chamomile is great for blondies and redheads, rosemary and clary sage are fab for brunettes.

Or, if that’s all too much effort, just use Dr Hauschka’s Neem oil. I like to warm it over an oil burner for best effects, and apply with a wide brush so I don’t burn my hands!


Your skin needs some TLC now and then. Your face is exposed daily to dirt, pollutants, sunshine, temperature changes, and weather. On the whole it puts up with it fairly well, but that doesn’t mean it likes the neglect. A therapeutic face mask is the answer. Depending on your current skin condition chose from the following: firming for mature skin; hydrating if your skin is in need of a moisture boost; soothing – great if there’s any inflammation, redness or sunburn and revitalising which is wonderful for calming and rebalancing oily, spotty problem skin.

It’s so easy. Just cleanse your face, apply the mask of your choice and schlepp about for 20 minutes while it does its magic. You could recline on a chaise longue and put a couple of soothing slices of cucumber on your eyes, but you’re not going to, are you? Thought not.

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Your eyes may be the windows of your soul but they still need TLC. All that staring at screens and reading small print takes its toll. Give them some loving care and they’ll look brighter and more beautiful. Here’s what to do to get your eyes sparkling and pretty…

First remove your makeup. Then take two damp cotton wool pads (ideally organic) and squeeze the contents of an Eye Solace ampoule onto them. Go and lounge somewhere comfortable, and place the pads over your eyes. Try to take ten to fifteen minutes out to let your eyes rest. I use a timer, so I don’t keep peeking!

When the timer goes off, open your eyes, and blink a few times, then cover them with your palms, gazing into the darkness. This is called Palming. Do be sure to blink to keep the eye muscles relaxed. It’s nice to palm your eyes periodically through the days. It helps relax them, and relaxed eyes are less likely to wrinkle, as you squint less.

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