Last weekend we had some lovely friends over for lunch. Actually, to be more accurate, I did the main course and our generous guests made both the starter and the dessert – see, I told you they were lovely! Anyhow, it was a very relaxing afternoon and this Passion Fruit Parfait went down a storm in the (unusually sweltering) summer heat we were enjoying.


This is Julia’s recipe:


Ingredients serves 8 – twice
9 Egg Whites
12 oz Caster Sugar
1 Pint of Cream
4 Passion Fruits

How to prepare
Double line 2 loaf tins with cling film having oiled the tins first.
Whizz the passion fruits for a millisecond so that the juice is uniform and not stringy and seeds don’t break up.
Whisk the egg whites until stiff and then add the caster sugar gradually and whizz for a minute or two. I add it in about two to three batches as can’t be doing with a tablespoon at a time.
Whip your cream a little so it’s nice and soft but don’t over whip otherwise it’s difficult to fold in.
Add the passion fruit and cream and fold in.
Tip into the tins and freeze for at least 24 hours.
Tra La – 2 party puddings which will keep in the freezer for a couple of months!
Serve with extra passion fruit and, if you like, some fresh strawberries.
Passion fruit can also be exchanged for lemon if you prefer!