Patra: the understated clothing brand that can be relied upon

There comes a time in every woman’s life when fashion starts to take a backseat to a comfortable, more classic wardrobe. I don’t mean we all have to hunker down in twinsets and pearls and read Saga magazine – no, I mean high fashion becomes something that one admires, but quality fashion takes over in our lives. I am no longer into the one season fashion items from those un-eco-friendly high street shops that get thrown at the end of the season. I want items that will look good for many years to come. So where do I often look…….PATRA.


PATRA may not have an all singing and dancing website, but their clothes are high quality, made to last, in natural fibres, comfortable and feminine styles, and often very affordable. Whenever I unpack a PATRA item, I am always impressed with the softness of the fabric – they feel luxurious.

This morning I woke up, and it was sunny but cold, so I wanted something light and colourful but a cover-up. It is too cold for a tee-shirt, and yet a wool jumper is often too much. So I found myself reaching for my PATRA silk crew neck ribbed jumper. It is warm and lightweight, and in duck egg blue, it adds a pop of colour. I have had this top for some time, and yet it still looks as good as new. It machine washes in a wool wash cycle. I love it, and so the initial £80 investment has been worth it as I wear it in winter, under a jacket, and in summer on its own.

However, many items are less expensive. For example, their bamboo cotton lacy tops are in the sale (£25) and come in various colours. Again I have had this item since last Spring and have worn it again and again. Meanwhile, this season I have added the Cotton Jersey top with collar in cream – an absolute winner in my mind as it will go with everything.

This season I persuaded Grace to give PATRA a try, and she fell in love with the classic silk trousers £80, and pure cotton knitted top in Sky blue £42. She remarked that the trousers were such a good length for her long legs; there was no skimping. The knitted top skimmed without clinging.

I have always loved the PATRA pull-on trousers, and this season’s pure linen tapered trousers in coral with a matching cotton short-sleeved blouse would be super-fresh on a scorching day. I immediately thought of summer evenings on holiday; however, those might have to wait until 2022.

The linen-blend trousers and Cotton Jersey top with collar in cream (below) are an easy combination that I could wear anywhere as the fit is so good so they could be dressed up, or I would take this outfit on holiday for the evenings – cool and relaxed.

And yes, we tried some PATRA day dresses. I think both of us are comfortable with wearing a dress to a party or a special event where the dress code dictates dresses. However, we are more at ease in trousers and a top for every day. These two cotton dresses (below) were, as I said earlier, a typical Patra surprise for both of us. We felt really comfortable in them. My short sleeve cotton dress gave me a shape as the curved panels at the front and back offer a flattering silhouette. Grace’s cotton maxi dress is also made in cotton with some spandex and the ruching on the waist is again a waist enhancing style detail. So watch out as you may see both of us in dresses every day.

PATRA is a brand that can be relied upon to produce individual items that would slot into your wardrobe and last for many seasons to come. Over the last few years, I have come to love the brand for all the reasons I have given and now Grace has joined the PATRA fan club.

For more PATRA fashion, go straight to their website by clicking HERE.