Pea Pesto Pasta

Pea Pesto PastaGreat midweek meal – especially when you haven’t had time to go shopping, because you are likely to already have all the ingredients you need.

Pea Pesto Pasta

INGREDIENTS serves 4 at around 420 cals per person

250g frozen petits pois

Clove garlic, crushed

Lemon, zest and juice

Bunch fresh basil

150g reduced fat cream cheese

400g tagliatelle (or whichever pasta you like best)

4 slices cured ham or streaky bacon


Cook pasta according to instructions on pack.

While pasta cooking, boil frozen peas for one minute, drain.

Dry fry cured meat until crispy and set aside on kitchen paper.

Blitz the peas in a food processor with large handful fresh basil leaves, 2 tspns lemon juice, garlic, cream cheese, lots of salt and pepper, and 10 tbspns of boiling water.

Drain cooked pasta and fold in pea pesto.

Top with cured meat strips and serve immediately.