How to dress well with a pear shaped body

In this week’s body shape article and video we are featuring Annie who is, as she says, “5′ 1″ and shrinking”. She has a pear shaped body and has never bought clothes from Kettlewell Colours as she has always thought, having looked at their website, that they were too clingy for her and that you needed to be a tall, slim, model-shape. The pear shaped body is very common particularly amongst older women. If your hips and bottom are wider than your shoulders, you’re the lucky owner of a pear-shaped body. A Pear-shaped body typically has a smaller bustline as well. Pears tend to store their weight on their thighs, and their legs may be heavy. Often they have a very good upper body which is why much of the emphasis in dressing them is on this upper half of their body.

The video below shows how Jo (the House of Colour consultant) changed Annie’s mind and gave her a fresh look at the colours she wears and the styles that she is drawn to.

A woman having her colours analysed by a House of Colour consultant / How to dress a pear shaped body / Fashion / The CountryWives
Annie having her colours analysed by Jo

Annie loves to wear bright colours so after Jo gave her a colour analysis she determined that Annie is a Summer, and on the brighter side of this palette.

Diagram of a pear-shaped body / How to dress a pear shaped body / Fashion / The CountryWivesAnnie has narrow shoulders and whilst she has a mid-size bust her hips are where she carries her weight so she was judged to have a pear shaped body. Jo focused on her top half, encouraging her to wear more fitted clothes i.e. not to always go for large as a cover up. So many of the Kettlewell Colours styles that Jo looked at with Annie are very flattering as the fabric used falls so fluidly.

I have never seen Annie wearing lemon yellow but she looked gorgeous in the opening shot of the video particularly with the electric blue scarf. I think Annie found the styling session with Jo, uplifting. She is moving house and downsizing so this gave her inspiration and will encourage her to shed the clothes that she now knows do not suit her. We all have too many clothes so having a styling session with a professional is an excellent way to help you edit your wardrobe.

A woman in a bright turquoise top and leggings / How to dress a pear shaped body / Fashion / The CountryWives
Annie embracing her new colours and style

As we drove home I told Annie that every time I wear a Kettlewell Colours outfit I always get lots of lovely comments. They have changed my way of thinking and dressing. She agreed that she would now be a Kettlewell customer as she was so impressed with the quality and choice for both colours and styles. Added to this is the fact that Kettlewell manage to offer their extensive range at affordable prices.

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Watch the video below to see all the outfits Annie was advised would suit her best.