Petits Pois Salad: A Vibrant Green Side Dish With Preserved Lemon Salsa

Petits Pois Salad: A Vibrant Green Side Dish With Preserved Lemon Salsa

Difficulty: Easy

Never thought of eating cold peas before but this Petits Pois Salad recipe has a zingy dressing that really complements this healthy vegetable. Obviously this is a dish to prepare for a sunny alfresco lunch and one that’s always on the cards as I think almost all of us have a pack of petits pois in our freezers.


  • Half bunch of fresh mint, leaves only, finely sliced

  • 200g podded broad beans

  • 200g frozen petits pois

  • 2 spring onions, finely sliced

  • 6 tbsp olive oil

  • Lemon, zested and juiced

  • 1 preserved lemon, finely chopped

  • 10 sugar snap or mangetout, finely sliced

  • 1 red chilli, finely chopped


  • Bring a pan of salted water to the boil. Cook the broad beans for 2 mins, then drain and put into a bowl of cold water. Pinch each bean to squeeze it out of its skin.
  • Cook the peas in boiling water for 2 mins, then drain and mix with the beans.
  • Stir through the spring onion, season and tip everything into a serving bowl.
  • For the salsa, whisk together the olive oil, lemon zest and juice, preserved lemon and a pinch of salt and pepper, until emulsified. Stir through the sugar snaps or mangetout, chilli and sliced mint.

Cook’s Tip

  • Although it’s a bit of a faff podding the broad beans, they do pop out easily if you pinch them and so much better to eat them without the tough-ish white skins.

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