Picking The Right Life Partner – We Look Back At Our Ex-Boyfriends!

Annabel and I both count ourselves lucky because our children happily (and voluntarily) bring their new girlfriends / boyfriends home to meet us.

Significant others are one thing of course. When it comes time for our kids to choose their life partners… well that is a much more serious matter. Not least because there is probably very little we parents can do to influence their choices.

Of course our offspring will make their own choices – there is absolutely no benefit to parents interfering. Let’s just hope they find as lovely partners as Annabel and I flukily managed to do!

Anyhow, talking about our kids relationships got Annabel and I thinking about some of our own past dalliances. Having known each other for over 40 years, we have watched each other’s boyfriends come and go. Whether first loves, brief dalliances, or more serious relationships.

If you’d like to see what we had to say, just click on the image below to see our latest vlog on YouTube. It’s where we reminisce about some of our ex-boyfriends – The Actor, The Australian, The Copywriter and The Naked One…

If you like the tops we are wearing in this video, click here to see where we got them from!