Pinkster Gin and Curry Evening – sign up for your tasting kit

Did you read my post about The Early, Early Christmas Fair? Click HERE if you didn’t. Meanwhile you have been invited to either have a virtual Pinkster Gin tasting evening or to host a Curry evening or – as Grace and I did – do both!

If you have never tasted Pinkster Gin you need to try some soonest. The pink hue comes from steeping locally grown raspberries in premium gin giving the headlining juniper botanical its stunning red fruit percussion.

However it does not stop there. Pinkster Gin also make Gimlet (a pre-mixed cocktail), Pinkster Royale (to add to your Prosecco), a Triple Juniper Gin (sounds lethal) and a Hedgepig Wild Bullace & Quince gin (to go with cheese). In the Home Gin Tasting Kit for Two you will find a small jar of Dinksters Pinksters jam! So if you haven’t had enough gin on the tasting evening then you can have some gin jam on your breakfast toast!


Why not join us for a fabulous Virtual Pinkster Gin tasting evening on 25 September. Pull up a chair, grab some glasses and kick back for a half hour as ginmeister Stephen (founder of Pinkster Gin) teases your senses and tickles your tastebuds. Be sure to order a Home Gin Tasting Kit for Two before the Virtual Gin Tasting Event (25 September at 7pm).  

Go on the EEC Fair website and you can also order your personally signed book from Colin Thackery, the 89-year-old Chelsea Pensioner and winner of the 2019 Britain’s Got Talent or sign up for your own virtual valuation with one of the country’s most experienced valuers, Marc Allum, from The Antiques Roadshow. And while you’re there, enter the amazing online raffle with a chance to win over £2000 of excellent prizes.

Or why not host a curry evening and bring the aroma of magical spices to life with a taste of India, brought to your door courtesy of Tuk In Foods Use code EECVF to get 10% discount on orders and 10% donation to The Soldiers’ Charity.

You can read all about it on the EEC Fair website and sign up to their newsletter for the latest updates. 



This is what you will need for the virtual cocktail session with Stephen Marsh of Pinkster. Sign up here and you will be sent a pack.

  • TRIPLE JUNIPER: 5cl Triple Juniper & Fever-Tree Indian Tonic water, a shot glass, ice & orange
  • PINKSTER GIN: Pinkster Gin 5cl, Fever-Tree Indian Tonic water, a shot glass, ice Raspberries, mint
  • PINKSTER ROYALE: Pinkster Royale 5 cl, a shot glass & ice
  • PINKSTER GIMLET: Pinkster Gimlet 5cl, a wine glass, some ice, a wedge of lime, fizzy water (optional)
  • HEDGEPIG WILDBULLACE & QUINCE: Hedgepig Wild Bullace & Quince 5cl, Fever-Tree ginger ale, a shot glass, ice, orange peel.

FOR THE EEC FAIR website click HERE & sign up for some fun