What Lifts, Smoothes & Tightens Post-Menopausal Skin?

Last July Annabel wrote a glowing review for Prai Ageless neck and decolletage creams and serums. She and I are still using them and our necks have definitely felt the benefit. I would go so far as to say that neither of us would be happy unless we have Ageless on our bathroom shelves. So when Prai contacted us and asked if I’d like to try their Platinum Firm & Lift Collection for the face I was nothing short of delighted.

Now my complexion will, of course, be different from yours. What we may well have in common however is a respect for the efficacy of Prai products. For me, the definite plus points include the lightweight texture, fast absorption, the gentle fragrance and the fact that my skin feels silky smooth, hydrated and firmer after applying.

However, if you haven’t tried Prai yet, then let me tell you about their Platinum range which is specifically formatted to lift, smooth and tighten post-menopausal to very mature skin. It’s also great value for money. Plus we have four sets of Platinum Firm & Lift to give away – scroll down to see how to get yours.

Prai told me that “Platinum establishes electrical balance in the epidermis, making skin less susceptible to damage from free radicals and premature ageing. Combined with anti-ageing peptides, Platinum is ideal for skin that is prone to slackening and lacks structure.”

Firm & Lift Serum Skin can lose up to 30% of its collagen in the first five years after menopause, causing sagging, deeper set wrinkles and loss of texture. This serum targets gravity with a formula that includes one of earth’s most coveted precious metals, platinum, along with Chlorella, Kombuchka, Red Algae, Syn-Coll™ and Prai’s legendary extract. Acts by repairing and preventing creases and sagging whilst also nourishing, hydrating and smoothing for firmer, more youthful, contoured skin.

Use alone during the day or, for added benefit, follow with the creme. MORE INFO

“I have been using the new Platinum Serum with the Platinum Firm and Lift Cream for about a week now…and have really noticed a difference in my skin. It certainly feels and looks firmer and more hydrated which I need at my age! “

Firm & Lift Creme This luxurious daily creme combats drier, less firm skin. The platinum delivers antioxidants while almond proteins work to tighten and firm the skin. Idealift™ boots elastin levels, and Nulastic™ silk builds skins structure while targeting problem areas to help you achieve a smoother, more youthful complexion. MORE INFO

I love absolutely everything about the cream, the texture, fragrance, it’s just amazing, with few uses my skin is more radiant, plump and hydrated, I even get compliments from everyone including my husband who never notices anything, even he commented how my skin feels and looks fresher.”

Night Caviar Firm & Lift Serum

Increases the skin’s natural moisture barrier and counteracts the visual signs of ageing with the help of platinum, argan and avocado oils. This serum is packed full of antioxidants, and with the help of Uplevity™, acts against gravity and element exposure.


“One pump does my whole face and sinks in leaving a soft silky finish that’s hydrating on its own. It makes my skin feel firm and in the morning well rested.”

Firm & Lift Night Creme

What Lifts, Smoothes & Tightens Post-Menopausal to Very Mature Skin?

“Have used many products in this range and love them all. Texture is buttery but absorbs beautifully into the skin and wake up with plumped and velvety skin.”

This decadent super-rich creme recharges your skin’s moisture levels and promotes tighter, firmer skin. The addition of luxurious shea butter effectively hydrates, while providing a long-lasting barrier to lock in moisture and precious Prai oil gives the skin a smooth and supple texture. Vitamins A, E and F protect and rejuvenate while glycerin boosts the skin’s protective barrier by binding cells together, giving your complexion a transformation that lasts. Use either alone at night or, for added benefit, combine the two. MORE INFO

Prai’s Platinum skincare range is available at M&S

Platinum Firm & Lift giveaway

What Lifts, Smoothes & Tightens Post-Menopausal to Very Mature Skin?

Four lucky readers have won a set of 10ml Firm & Lift Serum and 15ml Firm & Lift Creme. Thank you to everyone who entered.

Listen to Annabel’s interview with Katy Eccles from Prai Beauty on our podcast channel.

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