Plucking good – best tools for eyebrow shaping

How many times have we been told that eyebrows are so important as they frame our eyes. I am sure there are many of our readers who have struggled with over plucking in their youth, unruly eyebrows, or more recently grey hairs appearing and shining out like beacons – I have suffered from all of these. Luckily I was not alive for the pencil thin eyebrow of the 1930’s worn by many a Hollywood star and successfully copied by their adoring female public. However we are now at the other end of the spectrum with Cara Delevingne’s distinctively thick, boyish, archless, legitimately bushy eyebrows. Trends come and go in the eyebrow shaping world so my advice would be to make the most of what nature has given you and enhance them if necessary. I had very thick, dark eyebrows when I was young which are now not so thick and are peppered with grey hairs, so now I have to use a few beauty tools.

Firstly it is good to find a beautician or brow bar that you trust to help you shape them and then maintenance is not so difficult. Personally I like having my eyebrows threaded as the hair removal is so accurate. I also have them tinted. But beware as they can be made to look too dark and solid which is not a natural look. So make sure you ask your beautician to darken them slowly, as more can be added if you feel they are still too pale.

In between treatments, which I have roughly every 6 weeks, I use the following items which I could not do without.

At our age a good mirror is essential and so a couple of years ago I splashed out, or rather invested in a Sensor mirror which magnifies as well as lights up your face. With one of these you will not miss a little stray hair…..and there are plenty of those, not just around our brows!

I was taught by a brow guru to fill in my eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil before plucking as this way you won’t overdo the plucking.

Next I always buy a good pair of tweezers. Did you know that tweezers do blunt over time so plucking stray hairs becomes more difficult? The pair I love are Rubis Tweezers from Cult Beauty as they are strong and can pull out the toughest and most stubborn hair. I only ever remove hairs from below my brows.

Finally I use Trish McEvoy’s Brow Perfector which is a wax-based brow-grooming pencil that helps to shape the brows and also sets those stray hairs in place for the day.

I hope these tips have helped with your own eyebrow shaping. Details of the products mentioned are below. Click on the pictures to take you through to the relevant websites.

Simple Human Sensor mirror Cult Beauty – £129.99
Rubis Classic Slant Tweezers Cult Beauty – £21.50
Trish McEvoy Brow Perfector Selfridges – £25.00












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