The Diary of two Podcasters who are not Digitally Dexterous!

Grace and I have now been podcasters for a couple of months. It is a lonely experience as we don’t really get any feedback, unlike with our YouTube vlogs. We often get comments (mostly good ones) written underneath which we always try to answer. Note to all of you – please tell us what you like (and if you must, what you dislike) about our podcasts so far. Also do let us know of any topics you would like us to talk about on our podcast -Everyday Stuff for Older Women.

Cartoon pic of a podcaster from our post - The Diary of two Podcasters who are not Digitally Dexterous!

What we love about podcasts is that we can do it in our pyjamas, with no make-up, drinking a G&T at 8am and no-one knows! Well we are not quite as decadent as that. But we have had a few funny incidents whilst trying to record them, including times where we could not stop laughing. Try listening to Cataracts, Coffee Pods, DIY Sex & Diego and see what I mean.

Why isn’t there a book, Podcasting for Dummies? All I can find is YouTube vlogs showing us how to improve our podcasts or increase our subscribers. However they are all produced by young American men. Some of their tips are generic. However I am not sure they are tuned in to wonderful women over 50. And mostly British ones to boot!!

Anyway here are some of the difficulties that we have experienced so far. The very first time Grace and I were interviewing someone, we were raring to go – or so we thought…

Helen Venables, CEO of House of Colour, arrived punctually at my house at 11am. We had a cup of coffee whilst she measured me up for some of the glasses available on her website. If you want to read about these lightweight glasses which come in wonderful colours and with interchangeable arms, then click HERE for our post.

Helen Venables, Annabel & Grace recording a podcast. From our post The Diary of two Podcasters who are not Digitally Dexterous!
Podcast with Helen Venables: do we look a little pale and stressed?

Grace then arrived and we got our recording equipment out. Having discussed the format of the chat we did a voice test and…

My house has wooden floors throughout and so the sound was full of echo. We moved around. We cuddled up on the sofa. We even tried the small dog room as we thought the size might help. However apart from the doggy smells, we gained nothing. Helen was patient, Grace was supportive and I started to sweat as I tried to rectify the issue. Long story short, our editor, Chelsey, managed to sort the recording out at a later date. Afterwards I had to lie down in a darkened room as I had technological overload from watching all those ‘How to Podcast’ videos.

Grace and I met up last week in her (carpeted) house and feeling fully relaxed we recorded a couple of podcasts – the first of which is available today – Boomerang Kids. We were inspired by Poppy’s post that she wrote in February – Boomerang Bliss – Poppy welcomes her eldest daughter home.

However I think it was also to do with the fact that I probably clicked on something that gave us the echo, but who really knows. Maybe we should just stick to recording podcasts at Grace’s house.

Annabel battling with how to add a second microphone to her laptop. From the post -  The Diary of two Podcasters who are not Digitally Dexterous!
Annabel rises to the challenge of adding a second microphone!

My next challenge is to add a second microphone. Our editor has sent a very helpful video link and the instructions are easy to follow (if you are a digital whizz kid rather than an ageing Luddite like me). It involves two computers, one to watch the video and one to actually do the recording and an attention span longer than that of a sparrow! I suppose one of my kids would solve the issue in a nanosecond. Wouldn’t it be nice if they were to boomerang back into our house – there are advantages!

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4 years ago

Happy Sunday Ladies.
You ask for comments about the Podcast thingy. Personally I am not a fan, the main reason being you can’t see the faces behind it all. I suppose like a telephone call but that’s something we are all used to and except. I enjoy your Vlogs very much, and I understand you want to put your make up on and look your best for the camera,that’s only natural. but hey you are both loved by thousands and I suppose most of us get inspiration from you as dare I say it Seniors. There’s not enough out there especially in Britain for us mature ladies to follow. So come on girls let’s see your lovely faces make up or no make up.
You have both done make up tutorials and I admired you greatly for starting off bare faced,.I never once have though OMG they look awful, make up enhances what we have.
So moral of the story is ditch the podcast ‘ thingy’.
Have a nice Sunday, hey what a difference in two weekends with the weather, Easter like the Med. this weekend like Storm alley, it was a howler in Wales , but a bit calmer this morning.
Take care Annabel Grace & Co,
Pamela from Wales UK xx

4 years ago

I must be getting old Annabel, don’t really understand Podcast enough, so enjoy doing both and good luck with future features.
I so admire the effort you put into the blog /vlog and yep Podcast ‘thingy’, you have to chuckle.
Technology is developing so fast it’s sometimes mind boggling, but boy I would be lost without my iPad, the highway of information.
Have a happy week Pamela Wales UK