Porlock’s big day – the emotion and mutual respect was palpable

Whether you’re reading an article from Annabel, Grace or one of our marvellous guest contributors, we aim to give older women confidence to celebrate life. Welcome to this week’s guest writer, ‘Sussex Selfie’, who suddenly found she had something to celebrate….

In March 2020, COVID-19 brought the world whole new set of challenges. Like so many, our travel plans suddenly went on hold and getting to France, where we keep our horses became impossible.  So we continued to rely on our good friends across the Channel to look after them. We keep the horses there for a myriad of reasons – the good Normandy grass and the fun my husband John and I have visiting them over there – being just two. 

Last Autumn we brought an older horse to the UK to run a jumps campaign through the Point to Point network with the aim of running him at the Cheltenham festival which, as many of you know, is held in March each year. Our plan worked – he ran and what’s more he won the race! This fulfilled my husband’s lifetime ambition to breed and own a horse good enough to do just that.

The emotion and mutual respect enjoyed between young trainer and older man was palpable as Porlock’s big day was analysed and and enjoyed together. Of course no owners were allowed at the racecourse this year.

Some three weeks after the race, Porlock Bay joined us here in West Sussex to spend the next six months on a well deserved holiday. He is 10 years old and has had such a life. He is so calm in his large box that has windows so he can see his field! We can visit even more regularly and tell him what a superstar he is… I suspect he already knows that. We are looking to more happy times ahead with Porlock Bay – we cannot wait. 

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