Positives about Covid – yes, Louloulapomme has found some

Louloulapomme lives with her husband John in the Lot, Midi-Pyrenees, in France where they have been running a B&B for many years. But now life in France has run its course and the time has come to think about moving back to the UK. Lou is grandmother to four amazing little people, owned by a neurotic fat cat and still finds the humour in most situations, as she says: “Laughing is an elixir.”

Positives about Covid

1. I don’t have to worry if I’ve missed plucking a hair on my chin as nobody notices behind the mask!

2. It’s a great excuse to avoid people you don’t particularly like.

3. The discovery of Zoom. At the start of lockdown we had meetings most nights and I put on a few pounds with nibbles and drinks with family/friends (and a lot of laughter!) but have managed to take myself in check and, so far, lost 20lbs.

4. Acceptance that if your partner pisses you off. You have to move on from it quickly – there’s no escape.

5. Appreciation of what you have.

6. Disappointment at what you don’t have (ie seeing grandchildren) but accept it’s not going to change rapidly.

7. Having the pool to ourselves as we have shut the B&B (and, as I write, it’s 40.9 degrees).

8. Time to do all the things you meant to do and still not doing them but not being stressed by it.

9. Appreciate nature (except for the virus bit…)

10. Having enough space not to feel cooped up.

11. Watching some fabulous programmes on television and not feeling guilty about watching some shite too!

12. Not caring that some days it’s been so hot, I’ve lain on the bed with a fan on me and devoured a book.

Jeeves, aged 13

13. Being patient with my geriatric cat when he wants to lie on me in this intense heat.

14. No guests means I haven’t had my legs waxed – John is used to my gorilla like appearance when I wear shorts!

15. Preserving all our fruits, which I never got around to before as I didn’t have time running the B&B. 

Chilli & mustard seed pickled pears

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