Prai throat & decolletage creams – take your neck from turkey to swan

I am one happy lady as I have found a neck cream that has worked on my wrinkly, fairly long neck. It is called Prai and is available from Marks and Spencer.

Prai throat & decolletage creams - take your neck from turkey to swan

The female neck is often forgotten in womens’ beauty regimes. We all know that we need to use serum and moisturisers on our faces. However if you are like me you just massage the remains of your face cream into your neck.

Most of us will be suffering from ‘tech neck’ or in scientific terms, laxity of the neck skin. This describes the early onset condition resulting from persistent folding of the skin, like looking down at a phone or laptop. Because we are using these gadgets more and more then the neck will develop wrinkles earlier.

As it is summer our necks are constantly exposed rather than being wrapped up in winter clothes. Sometimes I think my neck is ageing faster than my face. Maybe that is because I have taken less care of it.

Recently Grace and I were talking to the beauty department of Marks and Spencer. They asked us what skin issue we would both like to target. We both immediately answered, “Our necks.” They then asked if we had tried Prai Ageless Throat and Décolletage cream which we had not. We were happy to try them out and review them.

PRAI Beauty products are designed specifically for women over 45 and they claim to deliver results in 7 days! Their signature AGELESS Throat & Décolletage Collection was developed for the unique needs of this delicate skin and has earned them a reputation as the Neck-Xperts.

Chinese dog from post: Prai throat & decolletage creams - take your neck from turkey to swan

This cream has many great ingredients (listed at end of post) so I had great hopes that it would work. Otherwise I will just have to give up on my neck and accept I will soon look like one of those Chinese dogs!

The texture is rich, non-oily and absorbs quickly. I have been using this for the last four weeks, alongside one other PRAI product – Ageless Throat Concentrate with Imtensyl®. The correct sequence is to apply the concentrate to the throat and décolletage and finish with the cream.

The concentrate uses a super powerful ingredient, instensyl® to create “vio-elastic tension” that attacks the puckered, sagging skin right under the chin and jowl. Apply under your ageless throat and décolletage crème and you will feel the tension working in just one hour. Neither the concentrate nor the cream contains parabens or sulphates and PRAI products are never tested on animals. 

Prai throat & decolletage creams - take your neck from turkey to swan
The NEW creme from PRAI

Since I started using the these two products Prai have introduced a new cream. It is their AGELESS Throat & Décolletage Night Creme. So now I use this one at night and the previous one in the morning. This night creme has the added ingredient of Retinol. There are two forms of Retinol; one is a well-balanced Retinol Complex that helps skin renew itself, improve its elasticity and reduce the fine lines and wrinkles. The other is a micro-encapsulated retinol with time-release delivery. The skin converts it as needed into Retinoic Acid to help renew itself, optimising collagen and hyaluronic acid for a younger looking appearance.

So that’s the science.

Do I think it works?

In my opinion my neck has improved so much. I have noticed that my skin has tightened considerably. There are not many beauty creams that I have seen a visible difference so quickly. I now cannot go without a pot of this cream on my bathroom shelf.

Prai throat & decolletage creams - take your neck from turkey to swan
AFTER 3 WEEKS OF USING PRAI AGELESS Throat & Décolletage Creme

I am so impressed by this cream I am going to try some of the other products in their range. The eye cream gets lots of excellent reviews.

The Marks and Spencer beauty department is an unsung hero in our opinion as the ranges they sell have been so carefully selected.

Ingredients of cream:
  • Sepilift DPHP technology to lift & tighten, restore elasticity and support skin’s collagen
  • Hyaluronic acid to plump
  • PRAI extract to smooth and improve elasticity
  • Precious PRAI oil imparts smoothness and suppleness to the skin
  • Mulberry, saxifrage and grape seed extracts combine in synergy to brighten and diminish discoloration and age spots
  • Shea butter effectively hydrates, while providing a long-lasting barrier to lock in moisture
  • Vitamins A, E and F protect and rejuvenate


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