Annabel & Grace’s Top 8 Product Picks

Internet shopping has become second nature to many of us over the past year, but with such an abundance of choice, where do we start! Well, as ever, the good news is that the A&G team is here to do the hard work for you, so that you don’t waste time trawling the web for hours… and hours!

ANOTHER GREAT PRODUCT FROM TRINNY This year has been one of nearly no make-up. We were going nowhere, seeing no-one. However, as our skin still needs a bit of coverage, why not consider Trinny’s BFF De-stress Tinted Serum.

NP-TriOX™ Technology (including stress-busting Neurophroline) works to tackle the short and long-term effects of cortisol, while hyaluronic acid provides long-lasting hydration that plumps and smooths. It is a tinted moisturiser with an added kick that is just what our skin needs in the morning. For more info, click HERE. 12 shades to choose from.

FREE BOOK When you subscribe to BBC Gardener’s World magazine you’ll receive 6 issues for £26 plus a free copy of Monty Don’s book, The Complete Gardener. CLICK HERE

NOOKS AND CRANNIES BEWARE! Thanks to Sally for this recommendation. Oxo Good Grips has proved to be a reliable brand in terms of quality and products that work effectively and this deep clean brush set is no exception.

With over 16,000 positive ratings on Amazon, it’s not just Sally that has discovered these two great brushes. Both large and small have soft, comfortable non-slip grips and durable scrubbing bristles. Perfect when you need to clean grime in tight spaces ie around the base of taps. £4.79 from Amazon. SHOP NOW

On the end of the smaller brush is a wiper blade that cleans dirt from tight crevices

KARCHER CORDLESS PRESSURE WASHER Annabel spotted this at a friend’s house, and with it looking like another summer at home, she thinks this could be her new favourite garden accessory. You can jet clean all the garden furniture and paving, and it also has a plant watering option. We love that it is cordless so no outdoor plugs or extension leads needed. It is light, easy to handle, and the battery is rechargeable. Available from Amazon, click HERE for more info.

PUT ON A HAPPY…. JUMPER Pop this gorgeously cheerful 100% cashmere jumper on and not only will you feel positive, you are likely to put a smile on other people’s faces too. It’s semi-fitted and machine washable. Boden MORE INFO

TIME TO SPRING CLEAN and another well-designed product from OXO Good Grips – their delicate duster. Light and fluffy, the microfibre head is ideal for dusting picture frames, knick-knacks and other delicate items without having to move them. The best bit is that you can pop the head off and machine wash it. £6.80 from Amazon – SHOP NOW.

STIMULATE YOUR TASTEBUDS Grace tries to do one ‘self care’ thing a day – plucking her eyebrows perhaps, massaging in cuticle cream, or remembering to take her Vitamins C and D! Her latest excursion onto Amazon came up with a tongue cleaner – not the most glam of products she freely admits. She’s happily using it twice a day and her tongue is definitely pinker. Made from surgical steel, this little scraper keeps your tongue healthy, helps maintain fresh breath, reduces coating and stimulates your tastebuds. Very quick and easy to use and to keep clean. Amazon £5.95 MORE INFO

JEWEL SPARKLE DIP from Town Talk Exquisite. Another labour saving cleaning device but this time for your jewellery. Simply pop your jewellery into the basket, dip it into the Jewel Sparkle fluid and leave it there, checking it after two minutes. Repeat the process if need be. If any stubborn dirt remains, you can remove it with the brush that’s included. Buff with a soft, dry cloth to finish. Your jewellery will sparkle. There are other products in this range. Available from John Lewis £4.99 – SHOP HERE.

Lots more top product recommendations from Annabel & Grace here

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Joy Pearson
Joy Pearson
2 years ago

I enjoyed reading your newsletter. During my browsing in your ad on internet I believe there was an article about mature woman who launched her own makeup products for mature women. I did browse thru her products on my phone but was distracted as had to take care of a phone call and could not remember the name if her company or her name.I am very interested in her products. Am I correct that her information did appear as a guest on your website? Or am I totally wrong. Perhaps if you do know of this lady snd her product line and you have the time you could give a heads up, Thank you. Joy Pearson