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One of the fabulous things about being an older woman is that we have more time to socialise with our friends and mine often tell me about what’s new or working well in their lives. Here is the latest batch of useful product recommendations. Every one has been tried and tested (or in the case of the Umami, tried and tasted) by a like-minded friend or myself. So here are a few products you might also like to consider:

Thinning hair?

For some time now, I’ve been moaning to my lovely hairdresser Lucy about how my hair seems to be getting thinner – especially where it frames my face. Apparently as many as one in three women are experiencing similar issues, so I’m definitely not alone. But what to do for healthier thicker hair? Well both Bumble and her daughter Florence have been taking scientifically formulated Viviscal Max Strength Supplements. It’s not been a quick fix – you need to take one or two tablets a day for at least 3 months – but they are both delighted with the results. Check out Boots, they usually have an offer. MORE INFO

The 5th taste

In the past, I have relied on Worcestershire sauce or anchovies to give that essential savoury flavour to my casseroles and stews (what’s the difference? If you want to know, the answer is at the end of this article). Then I found M&S Umami paste which, I’m pleased to report, does the job perfectly. Waitrose and Tesco also do a version of this really handy condiment.

Like to be more organised?

Call me old fashioned but I have never got to grips with using my mobile as a calendar. I need to see more info and in larger print than the phone allows. So I would be lost without my leather Filofax organiser.

It has been my constant companion for at least ten years and is of such good quality that it looks almost new. It is both address book and diary. The latter is a week to a view with times of the day marked, so perfect for noting down appointments. Mine is A5 size but you’ll find a wide range of sizes and colours and inserts to suit your exact requirements. BROWSE FILOFAX

Your knitwear’s new best friend

I have tried several de-bobblers in the past, none of which really did a good job. However, am delighted to report that my new fabric shaver from Philips works a treat.

Despite its name, it is gentle yet thorough. MORE INFO

The lazy way of boosting your water intake

I was chatting to Bumble about the fact that my 93 old mother rarely drinks enough (if any) water. Her nonagenarian father also seems to have the same issue and his doctor recommended he use Jelly Drops.

Designed for people with dementia, the elderly and others who struggle to stay hydrated (well, that’s little old coffee addict me for sure) they boost water intake through an irresistible sugar-free sweet. MORE INFO

The sweet that prevents tooth decay

Know anyone who is addicted to sugar? Whether we like it or not, so many of the foods we buy contain the stuff. Well Peppersmith Sweets help prevent tooth decay.

Made with xylitol, a clever little ingredient that helps keep your teeth healthy by clearing away bacteria and plaque in the mouth. Low calorie, they have no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Proper British mint and real Sicilian lemons make them taste really great. BUY NOW

Aurelia Cell Repair Night Oil

Ginny Vere Nicholl tells me this night oil is wonderful. It has a delicious comforting fragrance. Good for body and mind, she gently massages it in on her face before sleep – it absorbs quickly without leaving sticky, oily residue. The small dropper bottle lasts for ages. Find yours at Look Fantastic where it’s currently on offer.

Last but not least, it will soon be Valentine’s Day. I know it’s commercialised but I thought this Emma Bridgewater mug expressed a rather lovely sentiment. And we all need to be told we are loved occasionally. MORE INFO

Thanks to everyone who helped me with their recommendations for this article. G x

ANSWER: A purist would say that a casserole goes in the oven, heating the dish from all directions, while a stew goes on the stovetop and is heated from the bottom.

How about you? I’d really love to hear about any products or services that you feel deserve a glowing 5* review. Please leave a comment below or email me. Thank you so much. Grace x

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5 days ago

I tried the Viviscal for 6 months and saw no difference at all.

Annabel & Grace
5 days ago
Reply to  Ellie

Hi Ellie, so sorry to hear that it didn’t work for you. Trust Pilot gives Viviscal rave reviews (76% 5*) so it obviously does do the trick for a lot of people. Best wishes, Grace