My Two Favourite Things For April: Puppies & Pomegranates


I have just acquired a puppy. A baby Jack Russell called Pixie. What a joy. I wasn’t going to have any more dogs as I already have three. However, the circumstances of Pixie’s first few weeks of life were so upsetting, unstable and unloved, that when my daughter brought her home for respite I just had to adopt her.

As my other dogs Tinker and Belle are 12 and Luccia, the Italian Spinnone, is 8, you forget just how much energy and vitality a young animal possesses!

Pixie is a little pocket rocket. The other dogs struggle to keep up with her and her energy is endless. To see her run around the garden and try and catch a bumble bee or teaching her to retrieve a doggy biscuit is just delightful.

When I watch her dash around it just brings back memories of the exuberance of youth and she has brought a new energy to my life. She certainly keeps me on my toes.

Research shows that owning a pet has multiple health and wellbeing benefits. The feel good hormones such as oxytocin “the cuddle chemical” that derive from contact with animals is so beneficial to our health. It can reduce stress and anxiety and promote feelings of relaxation and trust. As well as the physical benefits of regular walks and exercise with your pet.

However pet owning, especially dogs, should not be undertaken lightly. Dogs can live for up to fifteen years and are a 24/7 commitment. If you’re a constant traveller or work long hours away from home, then maybe dog owning is not for you.

However there are other ways you can benefit from caring for a dog such as looking after a friend’s pets while they are on holiday. There is also a charity called Borrowmydoggy that shares pets for health and wellbeing purposes and to assist owners when they need extra care. It’s a mutually beneficial connection.

If you are thinking seriously about owning a pet and have carefully considered all the consequences and time commitment, then you might consider rehoming or adopting from a dogs’ home. Have a look at The Dogs Trust.

If you live alone the benefits are really are enormous. They are great company and give you many reasons to get out of the house. You’ll be surprised at how many people talk to you when you are out and about with your dog – leading to long and wonderful conversations with people you may never usually meet!


Pomegranates. I first tasted pomegranate as a young child. My mother would cut one in half and give half each to my sister and I to eat. This was done by extracting each little seed with a pin! Not sure that’s health and safety correct these days!

When I lived in Florida for a while in the early 2000’s, pomegranates were big news. I began to consume Pom on a daily basis. It is a pomegranate juice sold in bottles and is a lot easier to consume than the pin method (laugh). And, of course, pomegranate seeds are on everything – they decorate all sorts of culinary delights.

The health benefits of pomegranates are multiple. They are full of antioxidants and vitamin C. It’s also claimed that pomegranate juice can protect against heart disease and could help lower systolic blood pressure. Traditionally in the Middle East pomegranate consumption was used as a remedy for diabetes; it was thought it may help insulin resistance, however research is still on going on that.

I hope that’s give you a little inspiration for the wonderful Spring month of April, now the clocks have sprung forward and Easter is nearly upon us.

Best wishes, Lesley

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