Rana’s Artisan Gluten free bread mixes

The founder of Rana’s Artisan Bakery, Rana, was diagnosed in 2012 with Coeliac Disease. She had the usual symptoms; tiredness, bloated stomach, digestion problems, foggy brain and irritability to name a few. For years it seemed normal for Rana to feel sluggish and tired. After being diagnosed Rana set out on a mission to find great tasting gluten free food but the one thing she couldn’t find anywhere was delicious, crusty bread, and so she teamed up with her friend Alexander, a lifelong food and drink lover, and they scoured the globe for ideas & perfected their recipes. Together they started Rana’s Artisan Bread with the mission to create gluten free, artisan bread that everyone would love. They now create the most delicious, gluten free, sourdough loaves, rolls, bagels, baguettes, pizza bases and so much more!

Rana's Artisan Gluten Free Bread / Wisespend / CountryWives

All of these breads can be delivered to your door when you order online. However, having tasted Rana’s bread and loved it I was particularly interested in their Sourdough bread mixes. How often do you run out of bread and so to have a few of these packets in one’s store cupboard seems to be a good solution.

Rana sent me a Sourdough Taster Pack with a selection of sourdough bread mixes. I shared them with The Page Turner so that a couple of us were trying them out. They are so simple:

Rana's Artisan Gluten Free Bread / Wisespend / CountryWives

Just add water. No kneading. All you need is a mixing bowl and spatula! Pack includes bread mix, baking bag & parchment sheet.

This is so true and they really are simple to make and so when I popped my first one in the oven I was convinced that it would not work. 80 minutes later I opened my Aga door and there was a perfect loaf. Rana had told me that you must leave it to cool completely so that all excess moisture leaves the bread. I have also just tried the flatbread with huge success and compliments from my OH.

The Page Turner’s review:

This week I have had the pleasure of making two loaves from the excellent selection of mixes. The first one I made was the Bold Buckwheat Sourdough Mix. The packet contains all you need apart from water and flour to dust. You are given the baking sheet and baking bag so nothing is left to chance.

It is incredibly easy to make but you do need to allow about 2 hours from start to finish. The time is taken up with the baking rather than the preparation. The loaves weigh about 400g. i.e. not huge but perfectly adequate to compliment a meal. My second loaf turned out better than the first. It may be that I cooked it that little bit longer. The loaves come out very crusty if slightly doughy so it is important to let the bread cool. I have to say the flavours were excellent.

My preferred loaf was the Nearly Rye Mix. I will certainly keep some packets in my larder as I can see they will be an asset to any impromptu entertaining.

To find out more about Rana’s Artisan Bread go to her website HERE and get some in your store cupboard for the Christmas and New Year break when you may have impromptu visitors.

Here is a video to show how easy it is:

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Amelia Eyston
Amelia Eyston
5 years ago

Wow! I have just had a delivery of the sourdough loaves and bread mixes. The sourdough is absolutely delicious and great texture. My husband is now going gluten free because he loves it too! I’m now looking forward to making up the mixes which looks very easy. Great service from Rana’s team! Thank you CWs for this recommendation.