Reading glasses

It is inevitable that we end up needing reading glasses – my eyesight started to fade when I was 52 yrs old which was exactly when everyone told me it would. Lots of parts of my body have deteriorated since I passed the big five zero however my eyesight is the most irritating.

Reading glassesI need glasses for everything – shopping in the supermarket, reading a recipe whilst cooking, even eating my food. I have bought prescription glasses at vast cost and lost them, cheap reading glasses and lost them, brightly coloured fun ones (in an attempt not to lose them) and lost them.

However, about a year ago, I bought a pair online from Daniel Cullen. I have not lost them which is nothing to do with Daniel Cullen but it could be that I have received so many compliments about them I do not allow them out of my sight!

Reading glassesThese reading glasses are a great shape, not too small or too large, and the colour of the frame suits blondes and enhances their hair colour! I bought the plastic lenses however this style is also available with glass lenses but I am sure if I spend more money I will – you guessed it – lose them.

There are also lots of other specs that Daniel Cullen does including reading sunglasses, designer glasses and metal rimmed glasses so there are lots to choose from.

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Kathleen Escaño
Kathleen Escaño
7 years ago

It’s as if you were reading my mind. I’ve been searching for reading glasses just like what you showed, went to the website and will be buying some new reading glasses. Thanks for sharing.