The wonders of modern audio technology… Retro Speakers

OK ladies, the majority of us may be over 50 but I think we all can see the sense of keeping up with the latest generation’s technology. Although it only seems like yesterday, long gone are the days of only having terrestrial TV, a clunky looking radio and a mobile the size of a briefcase. Most of us have succumbed to using an Alexa or Siri type personal assistant, sporting what amounts to a computer on our wrist (thanks Apple Watch), consulting Google for all those things we seem to have forgotten, have at least one social media account, and are merrily downloading podcasts, listening to music from a repertoire of over 90 million songs without an LP or cassette in sight, and streaming films and TV programmes to watch exactly when suits us.

The wonders of modern audio technology... Retro Speakers Muzen Audio

Well there’s a new kid on the block called Muzen Audio with some innovative retro speakers that you might be interested in. Fashionably vintage (that sounds odd I know but bear with me) their products may look retro but they incorporate the latest technology. Established just four years ago, their innovative speakers are now used by millions of people worldwide.

I’ve been listening to Muzen Audio’s Wild Mini. It’s a small speaker that packs a powerful punch with its excellent sub woofer surround sound quality. It works using Bluetooth so you can listen to it absolutely anywhere – indoors or alfresco. It’s a product I recently featured in my gift ideas for men article because I think it’s a unique present that will really appeal to chaps who like being outdoors (or in their man cave!) The Wild Mini may be small but it is rugged, waterproof, has an 8 hour battery life and incorporates a three-position flashlight. More info at Amazon

The wonders of modern audio technology... Retro Speakers Muzen Audio

The Button Mini is another nifty little speaker – with the emphasis on the little! This is so cute and packaged beautifully (another great gift) – just up my street. It is tiny but feels substantial in your hand. You can’t believe the sound that emanates from this tiny object – it’s amazingly clear. More info at Amazon

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And how about a mini speaker that is a fridge magnet (adheres to anything metal ie microwave, coffee machine etc) – perfect to listen to when you’re busy cooking. Check out the newly arrived OTR Sticker speaker. Last but not least, I’d like to give a mention to Muzen Audio’s portable FM Radio Speakers which are available in metal or wood. Both boast a retro aesthetic and top notch sound quality.

For more information on the Sticker and Radio Speakers visit the Muzen Amazon store where you can obtain 15% off using code 15ANNMUZEN (valid until midnight 3 March 2023) but please note delivery to the UK will take a little longer.