Five Ways to Revamp Your Garden Without Overspending

The most beautiful gardens are often also the simplest. It’s a common misconception that plenty of money is required to have a breathtaking outdoor space. All it actually takes are a few thoughtful layout changes, some new plants, and a little bit of DIY landscaping. That said, here are five ways to revamp your garden without overspending:

Five Ways to Revamp Your Garden Without Overspending

1  Declutter your garden

One of the easiest ways to turn an ordinary garden into something extra special is to get it organised. Remove everything unnecessary like broken or empty pots, dead plants, and unused containers. Moreover, it’s best to keep your garden tools either in decorative boxes or a garden shed.

Indian Bean Tree
Indian Bean Tree

2  Plant a tree

A fully grown tree in your garden can make quite an impact, and is the perfect place to install a tyre swing or make a cosy nook for reading. Aside from reducing soil erosion and greenhouse gases, your tree can also provide welcome shade for your home and a barrier against the cold winter winds.

3  Give your garden a theme

If your home has a modern minimalist design, why not extend that to your garden? Add edgings to your flower beds to create boundaries that will add definition to your outdoor space. The look and feel of your garden also depends on the material you use, as different kinds of wood, granite, or limestone can have drastically different effects.

Or perhaps try adding a path for the high-traffic areas in your garden. You can make one on your own using salvaged wood or concrete. Reclaimed pallet wood will definitely add some character to your garden, while gravel can be a much cheaper alternative to paving.

Five Ways to Revamp Your Garden Without Overspending4  Create a vegetable patch

Nothing makes a garden feel more complete than a vegetable patch. To begin, you can plant easy-to-grow vegetables like carrots, runner beans, lettuce, and cucumbers. If you have limited space, use one of your garden walls to hang pots for herbs and vining veggies like tomatoes, peas and squash.

5  Add a few DIY features

Why hire a contractor if you can do it yourself? There are so many easy-to-build garden features that can revamp your outdoor space for half the price. House Beautiful lists five garden ideas for anyone on a tight budget, like adding fairy lights to your patio or garden fences and furniture. You can also make your very own fire pit or install a water feature like a pond or a fountain, with just a few construction materials. If you don’t have a shed, you can also DIY a garden hose container to keep your tools in order. If you have grandchildren, you could even build a treehouse if you have a large garden and a suitably sturdy tree.

Another quick and highly effective way to revamp your garden is by installing a new set of lights. Thanks to the different types of smart technology now available, you can take full control of your entire home, lights and all, with just a touch of a button. This gives homeowners an array of options from setting the time that the lights come on to choosing different colour schemes without having to change the bulbs. The majority of the light bulbs listed on Screwfix’s smart homes page work with cloud-based servers like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. This makes it easier for you to integrate them into your house and garden. When it comes to installing smart lights, make sure they are weather proof and designed to be used outdoors.

So there’s plenty you can do if you want to revamp your garden without having to completely overhaul the entire space. If you’d like more clever garden tricks, click here.