Rhubarb Pain Perdu using Brioche

Try The Hobbs House Bakery (Click here for their website) eggy bread recipe whilst the rhubarb is still bright pink. It uses my favourite bread – Brioche. In an ideal world I would eat this bread all day – toasted it is simply divine. Hobbs House do a wonderful service of bread by post. I buy their bread and often slice it and then freeze it in smaller quantities as OH and I do not eat enough bread so a loaf goes stale before getting to the end. However when our children are home the Hobbs House bread hardly touches the bread board before it is wolfed down! Hobbs House run lots of bread making courses including ones for children as young as 5years so if you have easy access to Chipping Sodbury this could be a great pastime for your grandchildren over the Easter school holidays.

Rhubarb Pain Perdu


100ml whole milk

1 egg

2 thick cut slices of brioche


4 sticks of pink rhubarb

3 tbsp sugar

100ml water

Creme fraiche, to serve

Whisk the milk with the egg. Soak your slices of brioche in the egg mixture.

Melt a scoop of butter in a frying pan until foaming, then fry your bread until golden brown.

Meanwhile, poach slices of rhubarb in the water and sugar until just tender.

Serve with a spoon of creme fraiche.

Be prepared this pudding does not look aesthetically appealing however it has a ‘Wow’ factor when it hits the taste buds. It is the only fruit my son really likes and it is a pudding that he can cook easily and impress his mates.