Rubylicious Beet Balls

Rubylicious Beet Balls

Having become rather used to reaching for a naughty Ferrero Rocher far too often over the recent festive weeks, I have finally found a healthy alternative that is so delicious that I can still consider them a special treat without feeling I’m going without.

These wonderful snacks come from the brilliant Raw Health Team, and can be found in the grocery section of some supermarkets and health shops, although I order mine online with my weekly delivery from the fabulous Abel & Cole (that’s another story!)

The nutritious, organic energy truffles come in packs of 3 and consist of naturally sweet ingredients. They are made at low temperatures to bring out the benefits of their raw ingredients and from my calculations work out at approximately 45 calories per ball (depending on the flavour selected).

I am currently into the Rubylicious Beet Balls (£2.89) which are an amazing colour. As none of my rather large family like beetroot, they don’t raid my supply but in fact they don’t taste anything like beetroot (but I’m keeping that quiet!) My other favourites (that, sadly, I have to share) are the Fruity Coconut Balls (£2.25), the Zesty Lemon & Chia Balls (£2.39) and the Spirulina Orange Balls (£2.49).

Although not inexpensive, I treat myself to a single individually wrapped ball when I am desperately seeking something sweet and on the verge of raiding the biscuit tin! Eating it slowly and mindfully I genuinely feel really satisfied and would recommend them to anyone trying to banish those naughty habits that December and the New Year allowed to creep in and, in addition, lose the rather alarming number of pounds that my bathroom scales brought to my attention this last week!