Hayfever season – runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing?

Actually it has been hayfever season for some time now but I seem to get it worse when the lawn is being regularly mowed. It is frustrating as it is such an invisible enemy, one minute I am fine and then suddenly, presumably because I have gone past an offending plant, I am sneezing and my eyes and nose are streaming.


Strangely the prescription drugs do not work on me and to be honest some make me quite sleepy. So I just get on with it as it is hardly life threatening and there are so many worse things to suffer from. It is not painful or keeping me awake at night.

I have also tried eating local honey, which is no hardship as I love honey. However that is only so good if you stay in one area. The moment you go to stay somewhere else for a weekend the hayfever grabs you and off you go again, sneezing and dribbling.

Then a friend told me about The Organic Pharmacy’s Hayfever Relief Kit which includes:

HayfeverSneeze-away Tincture – a soothing blend of anti-inflammatory, anti-histamines, Chamomile, Elderberry and Nettles, which perfectly combine to create the Sneezeaway tincture.

Hayfever Pills – a natural homeopathic combination treatment, Euphrasia, Allium Cepa, Nat Mur, Arsen Alb and Histamine work together to combat Hayfever and ease the irritating symptoms such as itchy eyes, nose and throat, streaming eyes, running nose and sneezing fits.

Quercetin & Vitamin C Complex – a hi-tech formulated complex pill which greatly reduces the symptoms of hayfever.

Mixed Pollens & Grasses Pills – This chemical-free formula desensitises pollen and grass allergies during the worst months, giving Hayfever sufferers a chance to have a carefree spring and summer. 

I started taking it all at the beginning of April and I am so much better. Not cured though. I don’t think that will ever happen – but much improved. My eyes are the noticeable difference as they no longer stream. Also I rarely have a sneezing fit, especially if I take a double dose of the Mixed Pollens and Grasses pills on lawn mowing days. I can no longer use my hayfever as an excuse to not mow the lawn which is not such a bonus but a small price to pay for a clear head.

Unfortunately the kit is out of stock right now however if you click here you can fill in your email address so that they can notify you when they are restocked.