(ex) Husband drops a bombshell….

So where are we, I think I left you when I was planning my ‘trip of a lifetime’. However a big bomb went off in my life and therefore I have changed the name of my Husband, previously known as EH (Executive Husband) but now to be known as AH (A***h*** Husband) !!

On the day I was leaving on my big trip he came to collect our children, who had been staying with me, and he asked them to go and wait in the car and literally, as he reached the front door, he passed the casual comment,

“I’ve started seeing someone it may be serious”  

Oh well thanks for that nugget of information and of course I won’t ponder on that for 8 hours on the plane !! (Hence you understand the name change.)

I raged at BFF (best female friend) all the way to the airport who agreed he was definitely a total AH. Not that I have a problem with the whole moving on thing – just don’t drop the news as I am about to go away! I mean what’s the big problem? I cannot believe  you will have moved her into my house while I’m away?? AH!!!

Anyway we arrived at Heathrow and our flight is delayed by an hour and half! Never mind we have vouchers and a lot of catching up to do. With a bit of a heavy heart and malevolent thoughts plus a belly full of Sauvignon we finally board.

I have to say Air India surpassed all expectations and the service was exemplary; quick movie and then I fell into a heavy sleep.

We land in Delhi and had the quickest breeze through immigration. I’ve obviously spent too much time, in the past, travelling to the States where they have my finger prints, my retina scans, my DNA and blood samples, whilst Dolly the sniffer spaniel is nosing around my cases for narcotics!

It’s weird not having a man to take charge and handle things, and manage the tickets etc but I am determined to show myself that I can manage on my own.

We feel proud, as 2 single, white females, to find the local bus to take us to Old Delhi railway station. The driver has the face of a cherub but drives like the devil himself; I’m sure we go around a roundabout at about 50 miles an hour!! I take in the sights, sounds and smells and it is all as vibrant as I imagined and I wonder what is in store for us….