SASSY is Ceroc(king) through singledom…..

imagesSo at least that’s now all over – Valentines day that is. No more hearts, teddies and champagne and balloons – what a lovely reminder of a lack of romance in your life as a singleton the whole day can be. Actually it wasn’t so bad – who needs just one day to celebrate love and joy?

To keep myself occupied and not dwelling on the past, I arranged to go speed dating with BFF – even she said it was “sad”, actually I think she even used the word “tragic”, to be going speed dating on Valentines day! I thought it would be a hoot and so I was very excited! However she turned out to be right! An email on Valentine’s morning confirmed the evening had been cancelled as apparently it had sold out to the women but the men were clearly not so tragic.

So instead of all the various romantic meal deals a deux, that were on sale in all the supermarkets, I had a pasta meal for one and opened a bottle of Sauvignon! However I still steer clear of the old Internet dating site even though I have had more viewers, nods and winks on Valentines eve than I have ever had before so that’s what all the men were up to!

Having hit rock bottom (see previous blog) I have now picked myself up, dusted myself off and I am getting myself sorted. I have started dancing as Ievent_81635882  decided that I cannot just sit at home watching rubbish TV – this is not how my life is going to change. Ceroc – I have been three times and I LOVE it, nothing like the discos of my youth where you all wait around to be asked worrying that you are going to end up being a wallflower !

At Ceroc there were more men than women and you swap partners every few minutes (dance partners!!!!!)

My parents would be aghast that, after years of paying for ballet, tap and modern (yes even THAT long ago!) I have grown up to be an adult with little sense of rhythm and two left feet. However there were lots of newbies and everyone is very friendly and patient. It’s a great way to meet new people and boy do you work up a sweat.

Another new interest, a new job and, next week, a new home. It’s all happening – watch this space!