Sassy meets her Waterloo

So today should have been a great day. A fabulous day in fact. So how come it was soooo bad ūüôĀ

I worked at the hospice this morning.I love working there. The people are fabulous and it’s a great atmosphere. But it meant being up at 7.30 and a very very busy morning. Rapidly home, a quick change, drop off dog and then up to London to collect eldest son who had to vacate his flat and then off to view another four properties¬†in Clapham. Easy right?

Sassy meets her WaterlooThe sun was shining and my radio was at full volume and spirits were high.¬†I drive into London on a regular basis¬†to¬†go and see my son and we go out on the town.¬†A couple of weeks ago I drove to the Barbican (I am a total Cumberbitch!!!) – it is not a big deal.¬†However that time I managed to have a sat nav thing on maps on my phone¬†(yes, I felt very tekkie!).¬†This time though I lost my signal before I even reached London.¬†How did we manage before all this stuff ? Oh yes! I had an A-Z in my car all the time. Despite having my son’s postcode I didn’t have his address – except in my address book that I didn’t have on me. Not a problem – I can phone¬†him.¬†Except I didn’t have a signal! I was driving into London without knowing where I was actually going.¬†Well, I know he lives near Waterloo bridge because EH and I drove there when he moved in and I have been there a few times to stay – but I usually walk there¬†with my son (who knows the way).

Sassy meets her WaterlooI head towards Waterloo – well I think that’s where I am going but I miss a turning. Then it all goes wrong. I am literally going round in circles.¬†I ask someone (on a different network) who also speaks a completely different language¬†if he would¬†call my son from his phone – which he did but was on¬†voicemail. The whole network appeared to be down.¬†As EH works for the network, it is obviously completely utterly and completely his fault!!
I ask a taxi driver who sends me through Covent Garden and then I find myself in a bus lane (not a good idea). Siri has been unavailable the whole time, I have no signal, no wi-fi and am completely lost! I know I need the river and then I can find Waterloo however there are road blocks, closures and diversions and eventually I burst into tears! White van man beside me points me in the right direction but I have to drive 2 miles in the wrong direction before I could manage a U turn!

I realise it is now 2pm – the time of our first appointment. I have only had one cup of coffee all day and¬†I am hungry, thirsty, very dehydrated, have a splitting headache, feel sick and need a wee! I find Waterloo bridge and I find the Old Vic. I know he lives near the old Vic¬†but why don’t I know my own son’s¬†address?

Sassy meets her WaterlooI find a phone box. A phone box! Who knew? It works and I have change. A pound lasts all of 45 seconds and the operator cannot find the address in time. I come out the phone box and cry Рagain ! A black cab appears and I halfheartedly flag it down still weeping as I try and explain my dilemma. I can describe the flats quite well and the road and I know I am soooo close. He tries the number which goes to voicemail (again). But a few seconds later son calls back and lovely lovely lovely black cab driver explains he has a tearful mum on board and within 5 minutes mother and son are reunited and I cry again!
He is all packed and ready to move out. We have missed two¬†appointments¬†but all¬†I care about is that I am with my son who¬†makes me a cup of tea with some Hobnobs. We pack up the car – I¬†could gloss over this bit but he lives on the 4th floor and there is no lift. Oh and guess who then hoovers, dusts and cleans!¬†How come he has so much stuff ! He didn’t have this much when EH and I moved him in. And where did all this Ted Baker stuff come from? His tastes are getting better since living in London¬†– he¬†also has two¬†bottles of Grey Goose vodka, two¬†of a great champagne and half a bottle of gin.¬†My son is 6ft 2″ and can hardly cram himself in my Mini. Especially with all the cushions. Cushions? Yes my idea – he has a lot because¬†they make his sofa bed so much more comfy when I go and stay.
I have never felt so happy to be on roads I know. Son¬†sleeps the whole way home.¬†He unloads the car and¬†I cook dinner with¬†a good bottle of wine and I am in bed by 9pm utterly exhausted.¬†I am delighted he’s back, albeit temporarily. I know he cannot wait to return to¬†London but I spent a whole afternoon trying to book flat viewings for him and it’s really hard. Most flats are gone by the time they are up online!¬†However I can smell cooking in my kitchen (rare when I am on my own) and he sprawls over the sofa (and the dog). I know I can relish being mum again if only for a short while!¬†Oh and the phone? He switched it off, removed the battery and it was just fine! Ggggrrrrrr !!!