Sassy’s feeling like a teenager

I haven’t blogged for quite some time – maybe I am like Adele! I have to be in a dark and gloomy place to write about my suffering. However things are not dark and I am not suffering (well maybe only a little!)

Sassy's feeling like a teenagerMy social life is hectic – out 3-4 times a week which is exhausting sometimes but great fun. I am still volunteering at the local theatre and local hospice which is incredibly rewarding. My car has died (well it is limping – literally). I was driving back from a funeral (yes another one) in Hampshire when a bright red light flashed up. My trusty mechanic has always told me if the warning light is amber it is not such a big deal but when anything is red to take notice. I called him from the car and described what the symbol was and he told me to pull over. Roadside assistance was called and I was picked up within half an hour – this was a godsend as standing by the side of a busy motorway is quite terrifying due to the speed everyone thunders by. While he was checking out my car, a ladder flew off a van and missed him by only a matter of inches. He couldn’t fix the car and so he towed me home – well to my mechanic anyway.

Sassy's feeling like a teenagerI was without my car for over a week – which was not a big deal as I walk and cycle everywhere. But when he brought it back he gave me stark advice – my engine is seriously damaged and that I should get rid of the car! So that has been playing on my mind the last couple of weeks and I turned to EH to give me advice which he did. New car arrives next week which is an expense I had not budgeted for so not overly excited by. I don’t drive that often but I do need a car as I go and see eldest son in London regularly and always drive in, so when I trained and tubed it in last week it was a crowded noisy inconvenience. Still we did have Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster sitting next to us in the theatre!

Sassy's feeling like a teenagerBut what of my love life? What love life? I continue to have the hugest crush on the man from the funeral I attended in March. On hearing he was attached I backed off but then I heard things may be a bit “rocky” and suddenly our paths are crossing more regularly at social functions, as we have a lot of mutual friends. By more regularly I’m talking 2-3 times a week and as hard as I try to fight it, my feelings for him grow stronger. But I’m not sure if they are reciprocated and there is still this other woman, although I have no idea what is going on and don’t ask! I love his company and we make each other laugh – whether we are at a party, walking the dogs or just watching a DVD! Oh goodness after waiting such a time to feel like this again why is it is not straightforward! I feel like a teenager and we talk and text all the time. Maybe I should just back off to stop myself from getting hurt – or maybe I should just continue at my funny flirty best and hope to win his heart? He certainly enjoys my cooking – he says I am drugging him with my food. Well you know what they say – the way to a mans heart……. !! I’ll keep you posted!