SASSY’s life has started to go in the right direction

Second half of July:

Sassy 1I had to attend a church event with my eldest son recently. I believe I do have faith – my brother turned to God after the death of our mother and I think he may become acartoon-prayer Minister. I enjoy the services and seem to now find some solace in prayer.
The Minister taking the service was a bit dishy – how sad that I now leer at men of the cloth but I cannot be the only one who remembers The Thorn Birds!!
Anyway the lady in front of me had a bottom that kept trying to eat her dress and that made me giggle whilst the lady next to her had a zip undone about 2 inches! Did no-one tell her?? I do find that is a con of being single sometimes I have to go to work and ask someone to help me dress myself!
indexHowever a pro of being on my own is definitely farting ! No being discreet or embarrassed – I often giggle as there is no-one to frown or disapprove! I know it is not very ladylike but it’s my little secret!
Aaarrrgh bloody EH back tracking yet again re money and so I have no choice but to bring in the lawyer. He is sooooooo pissing me off and I think he does not want me to buy the cottage I have my heart set on.
More arguments, more threats and we reach a compromise. I just want out and I will probably relinquish too much but I need to move on. First offer on cottage refused but I thought it would be.
I am working ridiculously manic 13 hour days and weekends and I wake in the night worrying. There has to be a better balance than this.
BFF back from her hols – I go round the morning she gets back armed with flowers and gifts (her birthday while she is away). I imagesthought she would be fast asleep as it was a night flight home but I can hear movement inside, I gently tap on the door and she answers in floods of tears and through the sobs she leads me inside to her house that has been trashed by her son and his friends whilst she was away. There are stains on the carpets, the curtains are pulled down, there are broken vases, and the kitchen and garden piled high with empty bottles! If her son is still alive, as I write this, then he is a very lucky young man.
As a single mother she has brought him up well and she deserves more respect – if he were mine I’d throttle him.
Second offer on the cottage accepted. I quickly see my solicitor and a deed of separation drawn up and divorce proceedings have begun. I have been offered a new part time job and things are looking up!!

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9 years ago

My mouth dropped open when I read about the damage your BFF’s son has done to their house – what a nightmare to come home to after an invigorating holiday. Really, really feel for her. But so delighted for you about the cottage – congratulations!