Secrets of a Pet Nanny

Secrets of a Pet NannyA Journey from the White House to the Dog House

This is the most endearing and well-written book that I have read for some time which makes you laugh out loud and also tear up in places.

Aged 28, Eileen Riley had an enviably glamorous life; her globe-trotting career as a diplomat took her from the corridors of power at the White House to postings in Cameroon and Papua New Guinea, and finally, London where she decided to jack it all in to become a professional dog-sitter. As you do. In fact her diplomatic skills were to prove invaluable in her new career. Secrets of a Pet Nanny is a fabulous and very funny collection of tales about the dogs she has looked after, from pedigree puppies to rare Tibetan terriers. Riley is a true dog devotee but that does not prevent her casting a caustic eye over her charges and their devoted owners. Part dog memoir, part outsider’s perspective on the eternal relationship between the English and their dogs, this is sure to appeal to animal-lovers of all stripes.

I was recommended this book by a fellow dog-owner and I think the chapter on Alfie is about her own dog and I have to admit to being intrigued as I had never heard of it and yet I move in very ‘doggy circles’. I have not finished it yet but only because I don’t want to as I am loving it so much so I wanted to save a couple of chapters for tonight; however in the meantime I thought I must share this book with all our CW readers as it would make the most wonderful Christmas for any dog lover, young or old, or in actual fact even if you are not a dog owner you will still enjoy it.

Another review on Amazon: Secrets of a Pet Nanny will have you laughing, crying and nodding at the wisdom of Ms Riley’s humour, pathos and insights into the world of dogs and humans. A former US diplomat, Ms Riley’s decision to dog sit and take up the pen is the diplomatic world’s loss and an enormous gain for the world of literature and what will be a huge following of dedicated readers. I predict that the question that will soon be asked at dinner parties around the world will be: “Did you cry at the death of Gaby?”

Buy this book in hardback as the illustrations are a wonderful addition to the book.