Taking care of yourself inside and out this September at The Joy Club

This September at The Joy Club, we’re taking some time for ourselves. Our New Year’s resolutions may feel like a world away nine months into 2021, so now might just be the perfect time to pause and take stock of our wellbeing. 

Here are just some of the restorative offers and events you could enjoy as a member of The Joy Club. But, of course, we’d love you to join us!

If you’re not already a member you can sign up and enjoy three months’ free Premium membership (just for Annabel & Grace readers) by using promo code A&GNY21JOY. Redeemable until 31 December 2021.

Save on a curated selection of luxury beauty products at Beauty Expert

From scientific organics to dermatologist developed treatments, Beauty Expert’s selection of products are designed to ensure there is something for absolutely everyone. They are offering members of The Joy Club an exclusive discount on products featured in their ‘Expert’s Finest’ selection, with 100s of luxury brands to choose from. Their range includes marine, herbal, plant or mineral bases blended with high-tech products that are gentle for your skin. You can use your discount to purchase your favourite branded make-up products, as well as beauty accessories like Silke Hair Wraps, designer perfumes and luxury bath oils. They also offer an individual advice line so you can get expert advice before you buy. What’s not to love?

Make time for yourself with “An introduction to mindfulness” from Catherine Nasskau

Experienced mindfulness teacher and founder of the charity, Mindful Surrey, Catherine Nasskau, joins us on Friday 17th September at 2 pm to lead an online introduction to mindfulness, followed by the opportunity to practise a simple meditation.

Being mindful can help us cope with the challenges and stresses of daily life and involves techniques such as focusing on breathing, sensations in the body and simple yoga movements. When we practise mindfulness, we try to place our attention on our present experience, bringing our minds back when they wander – as they will, it’s what minds do – with kindness and patience.

Join us for Catherine’s session on Friday 17th September, where she will lead a ‘Mindful eating’ practice.

Make your own organic smoothies at home with The Honestly Good Smoothie Company

The Honestly Good Smoothie Company delivers 100% organic, blend-it-yourself smoothie kits right to your door. Every recipe is developed by a chef and nutritionist and packed full of organic fruits, veggies, nuts, herbs, seeds and superfoods. In addition, the Honestly Good Smoothie Company has partnered with The Joy Club to give members an exclusive discount on any of their starter kits.

Explore “Gut Health” with Registered Nutritional Therapist Valentina Cartago

The Joy Club has invited the ever-popular Registered Nutritional Therapist Valentina Cartago to lead a talk and Q&A about gut health and the best foods to keep the gut and your immunity strong.

Valentina is a Registered Nutritional Therapist and food lover with a passion for brain and gut health. She will teach you about why taking care of your gut is key to overall health, including your mental health and immunity. In addition, learn from practical tips you can start to incorporate into your lifestyle today. Valentina will cover your digestive system, your gut and its microbiome, your second brain and practical tips to help improve and maintain a healthy gut and much more!

Join us on Friday 24th September at 1 pm for Valentina’s talk!