Serious Reader Lights: You Owe It To Your Eyes To Invest In The Best

Last week I received a Serious Reader Light which I was told was the Rolls Royce of reading lights. I love to read but also being the age I am, 60 years young, I have to wear reading glasses. I have not got bad sight but with the natural light in winter I do need a bit more help than a table lamp even with my reading glasses.

Serious Lights are all about clarity. They are used to illuminate space craft, provide reassurance on the bridges of RNLI lifeboats and shine unfailing light on instrument panels in air traffic control situations. Whether drawing out the finest of microscopic detail in forensic science laboratories, or delivering life-saving surgical clarity in operating theatres, Serious is the light of choice.


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These are critical areas of need for perfect lighting. However my need was just for reading, something that I love to do. It all happened overnight literally. I was about 42 yrs old and I suddenly noticed that I needed to move nearer a window to read particularly on a winter’s day. I then couldn’t read the small print on tins or packets in supermarkets. Quickly I progressed from readers to needing prescription varifocals.

Eighteen years on, even with my prescription reading glasses, good light is also essential. When reading for any length of time I have to position my chair carefully next to strong daylight. I have my favourite chair with views down the river where I like to sit and read the paper. Yes I am old fashioned and I still have a daily paper delivered and I don’t read on my iPad. I think that is because when I read it on an electronic gadget there are constant advertisements popping up. However newspaper print is notoriously difficult to read.

When I first unpacked my Alex light I wondered if it really could make a difference. I was a little sceptical but this last weekend I had a particularly good book that I wanted to finish. I sat down for over 4 hours straight reading my paperback. The print is small and whilst I have my glasses, my eyes would normally get tired during this length of time. Eye strain kicks in and I have even experienced headaches from too much reading. I work at a computer a lot, writing for CountryWives, and so my eyes have to do a lot of close work. I therefore do suffer from tired eyes at times.

Did I notice the difference? I can honestly say I really did. The print was so clear. I tried reading with the light on and off and you cannot fail to notice the massive improvement with the light on. I have the Alex which is the latest model with eco-friendly LED technology. It has a brighter, wider beam than the classic. The Alex runs cool to the touch and the bulbs should also last for many years.


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All of the Serious Reader Lights come in floor and table sizes in various finishes. The arms on these lights are very flexible but also strong so that you can direct the light exactly where you want it. There is a High Definition range recommended for those who suffer from Macular Degeneration and other eye conditions. This light offers the closest light to daylight. The Classic has a narrower beam so is ideal for personal night time reading.

These Serious Reader Lights are an investment. However think about it, isn’t your quality of seeing worth it? Everything we see is dependent on light so it follows that bad light and ageing eyes is not a winning combination. Why not get the help that is needed and make reading a joy rather than a chore? Only a Serious Light replicates the daylight spectrum this way which is why 98 out of every 100 people who try a Serious light keep it. I am definitely hanging on to mine and now my husband is feeling left out so I may have to invest in another!

The Serious Reader Light seriously lives up to the hype and promise. You owe it to your eyes to invest in the best.

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Just a thought if you have an elderly mother who loves to read this would make a wonderful present for Mother’s Day next weekend!

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