Simplify your Wardrobe with a Capsule Collection of Luxe Loungewear

We are all living and breathing loungewear in the weird year that 2020 has turned into. To me loungewear means any time that you can elevate or relax your wardrobe to suit what you’re doing. As much as I love fashion I want my clothes to work for me. A polo-neck or sweater that goes with some track-pants but can also look smart with a skirt, or even under a shirt dress. A pair of lounge pants that can look elegant at a lunch date but are also comfortable whilst working at my computer. It is all about feeling put together and confident regardless of whether you are on a walk, a coffee with friends or working from home.

Being comfortable does not mean you have to compromise on looking modern, you can still look stylish. There are so many collections that are catering for our new needs. Less commuting – more working from home, less partying – more socialising outdoors in small groups. Life has changed as we know it and so our wardrobe has to change accordingly.

The key is to balance the luxe fabrics and finishes with the relaxed fits and elevated basics so you get that luxe loungewear feel whatever you’re doing. If you feel good you will look good.

However if we take this skirt from Hope Fashion one step further we can really dress it up with a polo-neck and a boiled wool poncho or this gorgeous Boucle jumper with mohair and a matching scarf (below right). This shows how one skirt can adapt from day to evening with a simple change of top.

I met with Nayna McIntosh, founder of Hope Fashion, recently and she said that weathering the storm of the pandemic for a company such as hers has been very challenging. This season Hope Fashion has produced a much smaller and pared down collection much like what we are all doing with our own wardrobes. If we are going to purchase something new we want to know that it is versatile and fits in with what we already own. Their pleated skirt is the perfect example.

Me+Em have always embraced loungewear though perhaps more so this season than ever before.

And if you want to move away from the neutrals and add a pop of colour to your wardrobe then you cannot go wrong with Kettlewell Colours loungewear. Their clothes are such good value for money as they wash and wear like brand new. I have items from them that have been staples in my wardrobe for years.

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