Is it time to have a skin Spring clean or Winter Rescue?

I think February is the month when my skin is at an all-year low. My skin is dry due to central heating, an overindulgence of alcohol and sugar during December and January, and finally, the low temperatures outside when I am dog walking. So it is a good time to give my skin some T.L.C. Before I begin I want to just explain that we value our integrity so whilst we may get samples sent to us to review there are many products that we cannot review as they do not do what the press release says. When we started this website we agreed to only write positive reviews hence we do not write about many products as most seem to be lots of hype and glamorous packaging and have no visible effects on our skin or wellbeing.

Today I am reviewing two products at opposite ends of the price market but we felt both were good skincare products that your winter skin can truly benefit from.

U BEAUTYBARRIER Bioactive Treatment

U Beauty recently sent me a sample of their new product, The BARRIER Bioactive Treatment. I am a big fan of all the U Beauty products and have reviewed each one as they are launched (see reviews HERE). However, I thought that this time I would ask a girlfriend to review this particular product as I was already trying out the Look Fabulous ForeverHydrating Clay Mask and so it would be hard for me to get a realistic review for either product if I was using them both at the same time.


“The BARRIER Bioactive Treatment is a highly concentrated, restorative overnight treatment that uses bioactive marine ingredients to optimise normal skin renewal to deliver visibly softer, stronger skin with improved-looking vibrancy and resilience. Visible skin enhancement and renewal are expedited – in essence, skin is reborn.”

U Beauty statement

It comes in a beautiful pump jar and my girlfriend was thrilled to be asked to review it as she has had a stressful few months together with catching Covid earlier in 2021 so her skin, in her words, “Has had a battering and could really do with some indulgence.”

I have to mention at this point that this cream costs £186 and neither she nor I have ever bought such an expensive cream. This of course means that she would be expecting a very special result.

She came back to me after one month and this is what she said:

“The cream is deliciously rich and when I applied it at night, having thoroughly cleansed my face, it did feel very luxurious. It absorbed into my skin fairly quickly. Obviously, I did not see instant results however, after one month of applying the treatment twice a week my skin has improved so much. Firstly I noticed that my make-up was going on more smoothly and staying put. In the past, I have often suffered from pilling when I put on any foundation. Secondly my daughter suddenly, out of the blue, told me that I was looking really refreshed and my skin looked radiant. She had no idea that I was using the U Beauty BARRIER Bioactive Treatment.

She went on to say that the jar would last a long time, perhaps even two months so whilst she would not use this throughout the year she would definitely think about giving her skin a bit of a boost once a year and February was a good time to do this. Furthermore she felt it was like giving your skin a spa treatment.

You need to go to the U Beauty website to find out all about this incredible cream which incorporates the SIREN Capsule Technology inspired by the common jellyfish – intriguing? Read more about this cream HERE.


I was very excited to hear that Look Fabulous Forever has recently launched a Hydrating Clay Mask. I have extremely dry and mature skin and have been using it twice weekly for a few weeks. My skin feels super-clean after use and I understand that the Mask does remove all impurities, which of course you may not be able to see but they are not good for your skin. It makes my skin feel tighter which of course is welcomed as it seems to make my fine lines disappear. Tricia Cusden, the founder of Look Fabulous Forever, tells me this is the clay working its magic.

It is very easy to apply and the whole task takes only 12 minutes plus it is only £19 for one tube which will last some time. Watch Tricia’s video below to see how to apply the Mask.

I have to mention that I have been using the Look Fabulous Forever moisturisers for some time. The Smooth the Day Face Cream and the Deeply Dreamy Night Cream are both on my bathroom shelf. What can I say about a good moisturiser that hasn’t already been said – read all the 5* reviews from other users and you will be convinced. For me I like the day moisturiser because it is absorbed easily and does not leave my skin feeling greasy. The Night Cream is just so thick and creamy, beautifully indulgent and in the morning my skin feels as if it has had a dreamy night.