Skin treatments have advanced to help older women

Who hasn’t sat in front of a mirror and pulled their skin so that it looks smoother and younger? If like me you aren’t rich enough, brave enough or motivated enough to have a face lift then perhaps you should look at various alternative skin treatments that are available. Science has advanced so much over the past few years and going for the knife is not your only choice. I recently tried two skin treatments and could highly recommend both depending on your skin needs.

Alma Skin Tightening

This light based solution stimulates the formation of new collagen deep below the skin’s surface to tighten sagging or loose skin. It is ideal for the rejuvenation of face and neck, tightening of post-pregnancy abdominal skin, buttocks and knee tightening and improving skin quality of the décolleté/chest. This Near Infrared technology (NIR) safely and painlessly tightens loose skin on areas of the body where with age we can all see sagging skin. The infrared technology heats the tissue deep below the skins surface causing collagen fibres to contract and tighten and stimulates the formation of new collagen, further enhancing the tightening effect and helping to bolster the skin against future ageing.

Skin treatments / 2 picture of a women's face before & after skin tightening / wellbeing / The CountryWives

I saw immediate results from one treatment but a series of treatments would continue to stimulate collagen and therefore I would experience better longer lasting results from a minimum of four treatments.

The treatment itself is very simple. My beautician gave my face a thorough cleanse and then covered the area she was going to work on with oil. She runs the machine over the area for a few minutes as the skin heats up. All that I felt was a warm glow and I nearly fell asleep. At the end of the one hour treatment my face was glowing but it was not until the following day that I could see the obvious improvement. The treatment only works on the area of the face from the cheeks downwards so is particularly good for the jawline and neck.  It is often used for other parts of the body where skin needs tightening. My beautician told me that during her training they demonstrated it on her stomach and she said it made her look like she had toned abs!! I think I need this treatment all over my body!!

Skin treatments / 2 picture of Annabel's face before & after skin tightening / wellbeing / The CountryWives
Before and After Skin Tightening

I would definitely go back for another treatment and I would highly recommend it before a big event….my 60th birthday is coming up so maybe this could be a present to myself! I think the picture above demonstrates the effect it had on my neck. The after picture was taken only 2 days after the treatment and I think it continues to work its magic over the following two weeks.

The price for a single treatment is £90.

The second treatment that I tried out was Microneedling and is also known as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), This treatment is effective on acne scars, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores, hyperpigmentation, skin rejuvenation, face lifting/tightening, and stretch marks. This is an all over the face treatment so if it is the eye and forehead area that you are particularly concerned with then this would be a better choice than the Skin Tightening.

Microneedling uses fine needles to create a wound healing response, triggering the production of collagen and elastin to give an almost immediate plumping effect.

Skin treatments / 2 picture of a women's face before & after microneedling / wellbeing / The CountryWives
Before and After Microneedling

I was expecting the needling to be more painful however I was pleasantly surprised as that part is only 10 minutes of the hour long treatment and numbing cream is applied. I would describe it as uncomfortable rather than painful. However after the needling I was left with a collagen mask on my face which was wonderfully relaxing. My skin literally drank all the collagen as I do have dehydrated skin even though I have tried everything to improve it.

Skin treatments / 2 picture of a women's face having collagen mask & skin tightening / wellbeing / The CountryWives

I had been warned that after the treatment my skin would be pink and that evening it might be quite red. I rushed home to avoid meeting anyone who might think I had sunburn from the previous week’s good weather. My skin felt warm and I kept applying the left over collagen serum. It did not hurt but it felt tight. Happily it did not disturb my sleep. I woke up the next morning and my skin was no longer red. The results for this treatment take longer to appear. Three days after the treatment I can see the lines around my eyes are reduced and my skin is much smoother. Obviously no treatment will completely rid me of wrinkles unless I went for a major face lift, however I do like to give my skin the best chance of keeping its elasticity. I have noticed that my skin is not so dehydrated, the collagen mask following the microneedling worked its magic. I have had collagen masks before but I think this time the needling increased its efficiency. My enlarged pores around my nose have entirely disappeared and since the treatment I have worn little or now face make-up as my skin has been more luminous.

I cannot say I enjoyed this treatment as much as the Skin Tightening but the choice would be governed by what you want to achieve. I do not have acne scarring and this is where this treatment achieves excellent results. However maybe, if you can, to have one of each of these skin treatments is an excellent combination as then all your facial skin needs are covered.

The price for a single microneedling treatment is £180. Course of 3 treatments £460

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