Skincare during the winter months: How to adapt and manage

Just as our wardrobe changes through the seasons so should our skincare. As the environment surrounding our skin alters you may be noticing some differences in your skin. You may therefore not be too sure on which is the correct route for skincare during the winter months.

Skincare during the winter months: How to adapt and manage

During the winter months, we find ourselves switching the heating on or putting the log burners on. These naturally start to remove the moisture from the air and therefore from our skin. This leaves us with a dry and tight feeling on our skin. 

Understanding your skin:

Our skin is built up of layers of skin cells that start off juicy and plump at the basal layer. Then, through their journey up to the surface of the skin, they begin to flatten and harden ready to be shed on the surface. The way that they are able to shed is by little enzymes that float through the free water levels snipping away the bonds that hold the cells to the skin. Now, if the skin is starved of those water levels that the enzymes swim in, they aren’t able to do their job. So these dead cells begin to create a traffic jam, what you feel on the surface is dry skin.

So how can we prevent this from happening?

Mango water bottle from post: Skincare during the winter months: How to adapt and manage
Water bottle that reminds you to hydrate. Click HERE for more info
Increase free water levels

The first obvious thing for skincare during the winter months is to drink lots of water. Then use hydration mists such as DMK Herb and Mineral Mist, and Hydrating overnight masks containing high quality Hyaluronic Acid. 

Skin geek tip: I love to mix my evening retinol (encourages healthy cell turnover) with my Hydration Masque and leave on overnight.

The skin is smoother and firmer and intensely hydrated. Both products I use are from DMK – available HERE. DMK can only be prescribed by a registered skin revisionist and cannot be found online. Please do get in contact ( if you would like to be prescribed DMK products. 

Prevent the loss of free water levels.

Our skin has a protective film, a natural moisturiser called our acid mantle. It is a mixture of our oils and sweat bound together by natural ceramides. If there is a deficiency in one of those elements then free water can escape and evaporate from the skin. If this is the case you will notice signs of flushing in the skin, tightness, itching and flaking. So we need to make sure we reinstate this protective barrier. For long term results you need to be doing this internally otherwise the skin will never be able to do it on its own. The best supplements you can take to re-establish your protective barrier are Advanced Nutrition Programme Omega+ (becomes your natural oil) and Moisture Lock (Hyaluronic Acid and ceramides to hold onto water). Also available from Norfolk Skin if you email me on

Reduce redness and inflammation.
Heliocare products from post: Skincare during the winter months: How to adapt and manage
Click HERE for more info. We need sunscreen in our skincare during the winter months

When we have flushed skin and redness it is the signal of an unhappy skin. Rosacea is often exasperated by UV exposure. Although the sun is not directly shining on us UVA penetrates through cloud and glass. To reduce the impact of the UV damage always wear Heliocare everyday! For this time of year the most popular choice would be the cream formula for those with dry skin. The Mineral Tolerance Fluid would suit those with a more oily skin. Click HERE for more info.

Home tools.
Jade Shelden using the professional Cyroglobes from post: Skincare during the winter months: How to adapt and manage
Jade Shelden using her professional Cyroglobes

Cyroglobes are one of my approved home tools for redness, inflammation, puffiness and tired skin. I use Fraicheur Cryo Globes a lot in my facial treatments at this time of year. You can use them at home as often as everyday. The benefits are that they instantly contract the collagen and elastin fibres making the skin tighter. They also reduce inflammation and puffiness around the eyes. Finally they increase oxygenated blood flow to the skin so it reduces redness and give the skin a healthier complexion. You can also cheat and just use 2 teaspoons kept in the fridge! However make sure you have some sort of product on the skin to allow the tools to glide over the skin. Click HERE to purchase some Cyro Globes from Amazon – not the Fraicheur ones but exactly the same principle.

I hope these tips have helped and you are now set up with your skincare during the winter months.

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