Do you Sleep with a Snorer?

Do you sleep with a snorer?As I am typing this, my little Jack Russell is lying next to me fast asleep in his basket. The room is very quiet apart from a soft whistling noise that he is making. My son is asleep on a sofa next door (after Sunday lunch he couldn’t keep his eyes open) and husband is in the snug “watching” Countryfile (ie out for the count) – both of them are snoring. So, I am the only one awake. However, if I was asleep too, I would probably be snoring too. It is practically an epidemic in our house!

Do you sleep with a snorer?Apparently just over 40% of people in the UK snore, there’s no instant wonder cure – but there is a lot that can be done about it.  Underlying causes can include overeating, alcohol, smoking, sleeping on your back, gym-dodging and untreated allergies. There’s an interactive test you can take on the British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association website, information on the various types of snoring and how you can treat them, plus ways of coping with the noise (did you know that Tom Cruise has a snoratorium?).

Do you sleep with a snorer?