Soffritto – and how to use it

Soffritto - and how to use itThe soffritto is the base for many Tuscan dishes including sauces, soups and casseroles. Literally translated from the Italian it means ‘lightly fried” and is a combination of seasonings and finely chopped vegetables such as onions, garlic, and celery. Well if you are short of time and/or find finely chopping veg a bit tricky/boring, then we have good news for you. Actually, the tip comes from the fabulous Fran and Sally, two stylish country wives who held a Winser pop up event with Annabel and I last week. Good old Waitrose do all the hard work for you and this 400g pack is only 75p.

As most recipes seem to start with “chop an onion” then this ready prepared veg will add even more flavour to whatever you happen to be cooking. As the pack says, great for Bolognese or to swirl into soup. However  I am going to keep a pack or two in my freezer ready for sauces, casseroles and any other recipe I want to give an extra hit of flavour, such as this Simple Chicken Paella.

chick paella

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