Sole Bliss: Perfect shoes for those of us who suffer with bad feet.

Would you be prepared to dispense with comfort in your shoes just to be stylish? I wouldn’t. I gave up on shoes that pinched or could not be worn for any length of time many years ago. However I still want to occasionally step out of my everyday trainers for something a little more stylish. Nowadays you can have both so we thought we would share with you a couple of shoe companies that have filled this hole in the shoe market. Sole Bliss is the first of these companies…..


Selection of shoes from Sole Bliss from post: Sole Bliss perfect shoes for those of us who suffer with bad feet.

Comfortable, stylish shoes for those with wide feet or bunions is how Sole Bliss describe their shoes. Somehow that makes me imagine orthopedic shoes but Sole Bliss shoes are anything but. They have taken shoes that we would want to wear and made them comfortable for those of us who have wide feet or bunions.

Juanet technology from post: Sole Bliss: perfect shoes for those of us who suffer with bad feet.

Each pair of Sole Bliss Shoes contains the patent pending Juanet Technology® and the innovative Bunion Bed® which contours around your bunion, cushioning and comforting it with every step you take!

Whether you suffer from painful feet or not it is inevitable that our feet get wider as we get older and so it is so good to find shoes that accomodate this and you need never have to squeeze your feet into shoes that do not really fit you. Most fashion shoes come in one width only. My daughter and I both have size 39 feet but she can fit shoes that I simply cannot get into.

We asked BackPacking Granny, who has both wide feet and bunions, to review a pair of Sole Bliss shoes…..

Imagine my surprise when a beautiful pink shoe box arrived at my door. I opened it and gently pulled back the snowy white tissue paper. I felt like Cinderella! “They fit, they fit”, I cried. 

I have the ugliest feet in Christendom. I hate my feet. I have a large scale bunion on one foot and a baby bunion on the other. My feet are also incredibly wide, and I have found, over the years, great difficulty getting fashionable shoes for my  elephantine feet! 

However the search is over, I am a complete convert.  Sole Bliss are absolutely the most comfortable and chic shoes I have EVER had. My first of many pairs, I hope, (seen here) will be my go-to-travelling-shoes, from now onwards.  Just let me get travelling again!

Have shoes  will travel!


Calla Shoes is the brainchild of owner Jennifer Bailey, a bunion sufferer of the last 20 years and a serial hunter of stylish shoes to wear for special occasions. Jennifer understands the pain of not being able to find shoes to fit your feet better than anyone, having gone through it for the most of her life. 

Unlike regular wide fitting shoes, Calla footwear is wide in the toe box, but standard in the heel. This allows them to provide us with additional width and volume where we need it most across our bunions, without having our heel pop out of the shoe.

Times are changing in so many ways and so too with our feet we no longer have to suffer in silence.

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Carolyn White
Carolyn White
2 years ago

Hi Anabel Re your article on ‘Backpacking Granny‘ & Sole Bliss Shoes, oh how I can relate to those feet. I want to know where I can get toeless stylish yet comfy shoes? I too have a bunion which has caused my large toe to turn inwards (ugly look) so very self conscious of how it looks and don’t want to wear open toed shoes. Even feel embarrassed trying on shoes in store ☹️

Calla Shoes
2 years ago
Reply to  Carolyn White

Hi Carolyn – As mentioned above Calla Shoes makes super comfortable shoes for bunions. We actually have lots of styles of open toe heels, and heeled sandals, which beautifully disguise bunions! The straps on the inside of the foot have been carefully designed so that, whilst being open-toe, the bunion is still tucked away comfortably, with no rubbing. Some examples are our Emily, Suki, Karen, and Orchis, just to name a few.

Why not have a browse, and if you need any help at all just get in touch with us at, we’d love to help you find a pair of shoes that make you feel amazing x

Penny Royall
Penny Royall
2 years ago

Hi Annabel, I think backpacking grannie looks amazing in her pink jeans and cardigan! Have you any idea where they’re from please? Best wishes, Penny