The Spring Collection at Marks & Spencer is selling like hot cakes

It’s time to shed those winter layers and embrace the season of sunshine, allergies, and questionable fashion choices. That’s right, it’s springtime, and you know what that means: it’s time to update your wardrobe with the latest and greatest offerings from the Marks and Spencer Spring Collection.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Marks and Spencer? Isn’t that where grandmothers shop for floral blouses and orthopaedic shoes?” But fear not, my fashionable friends, because M&S has undergone a transformation that would make even the most avid garden gnome collector do a double take. With their new spring collection, they’re bringing the heat. So get ready to say “goodbye” to your winter coat and “hello” to some seriously stylish pieces.

My friend, Jane (aka The Page Turner), and I hit Marks & Spencer Camberley on a cold and grey Monday morning. We thought it would be quite quiet, but we were so wrong as it was teaming with potential customers. M&S must be doing something right and have found what their customers want. Most of the items that Grace featured in her last fashion post, In search of Denim, have sold out.

So my advice to all of you reading this is if you see something you want, then click and buy quickly, as it is all selling so fast.

Anyway, here are some of my favourites from our fashion haul on Monday.

First off, I wanted to show two very similar jumpers. One is in cashmere, and the other is a lightweight acrylic and so a big price difference. I know many of you do not like acrylic or polyester. M&S often use these fabrics to keep the price down. At first, I have to admit that I thought the acrylic jumper was cotton until I looked at the label. I wore it below with Sienna Straight Leg Jeans for £22.50 (worn throughout these pics). These jeans are one of the M&S top sellers and have recently been restocked in 8 colours.


These Printed Drawstring Wide Leg Pants for £29.50 are so popular, and for once, I felt M&S had got the shape right. In the past, I have found the legs to be too wide and shapeless. Also great to see that M&S are doing them in three leg lengths. Before you click, these pants are made of polyester, but the price reflects that.

Worn here with the Navy Cashmere Hoodie for £119, also available in Pink, Turquoise, Black, Cappuccino and Hunter Green. Plus, a Pure cotton everyday V-Neck t-shirt for £9.50 and Lace-up chunky trainers for £29.50 (also available in black). The navy cashmere is only available in small sizes which does not surprise me as it would be such a useful item in one’s wardrobe.

I then moved onto some more Spring/summer outfits. I found this Jersey quilted Relaxed Bomber Jacket for £39.50 in Ivory (also available in Navy) and found myself popping it on with everything.

Jersey quilted Relaxed Bomber Jacket £39.50

On the left, I have teamed it with a Pure Cotton Striped shirt reduced to £15. On the right, I am wearing the jacket with a Linen Rich Striped t-shirt for £17.50. It is 55% linen & 45% polyester but do click on the M&S website as it has very pretty short sleeves.

Just a couple of other items I was tempted by. The Cotton Rich Striped Crew neck for £27.50, which is also available in a broad orange stripe, would be a great addition for those slightly colder summer days. The orange one has sold 52 times in last 24 hours at the time of writing.

Cotton Rich Striped Crew neck £27.50

And then a dress. Alright I agree many of the dresses at M&S are polyester and do not have much hanger appeal as they could do with a good steam iron. However, I found this Jersey Printed Tie Waist dress for £27.50. It is 95% viscose and the young assistant in the changing rooms said it was her favourite dress. It is good to see that at last, the young are buying from M&S. I popped on the Denim Collared jacket for £89, which would be a great summer jacket and I can think of so many things I could pair this up with in my wardrobe. There is a cheaper M&S own brand denim jacket for £39.50.

Lots more fashion ideas and style tips can be found here

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Diana Blackburne-Kane
Diana Blackburne-Kane
17 days ago

Love the recommendations from Marks, thank you and you look great!

17 days ago

Think that cream jacket is £39 not £89.

C Sims
C Sims
17 days ago

My Marks and Spencer’s only stocks the cheaper ranges. So no cashmere jumpers and there was a very stiff pink jacket at £45 but not one at £75. They have lots of spare space in the shop. It’s a vicious circle as we all don’t bother going in any more as it is so frustrating.