Squashed boobs

mammogramWell Annabel, that was a pretty eye catching headline to your CW Chatter yesterday!!!  But much as it made me giggle, having a cervical smear makes real sense and is definitely worth five minutes of embarrassment. Although, saying that, it doesn’t seem entirely fair that we women regularly get prodded and poked for the sake of our health and men don’t.

When I went for my mammogram recently, the nurse was telling me that they get masses of no shows which is a) a waste of her time and b) rather shortsighted of the women who don’t pitch up. Like a smear, breast screening isn’t as much fun as a full fat latte with your girlfriends, but it is definitely worth doing. Being a 36DD, my ample bosoms are easy to sling between the perspex plates – and I always ask the nurse to tighten the plates SLOWLY – definitely a top tip as it is much less eye watering that way! I have always wondered what happens with the women who have, as my Husband quaintly calls them, “poached eggs” – apparently it can be a bit of a struggle to x ray them if you are lucky enough to have cute little 32A’s.

free mammogram

Anyhow, whatever the size of our bosoms, we should all check them regularly for any changes in size, shape or skin texture. Or ask your partner to do it (slowly!) – especially if you are going to see Annabel’s inquisitive doctor!