8 easy ways to zap static electricity

In the winter, static electricity is worse due to a lack of air humidity, leading to a charge imbalance. In dry materials such as carpets, hair and nylon, there is a buildup of electrons that creates this charge imbalance, causing static electric to be more intense in winter’s drier air. Whastatic electricitytever the science behind static electricity, it can be a bit of a nuisance – flyaway hair, annoyingly clingy clothes and electric shocks.

How to get rid of static electricity on your clothes

Apply body moisturiser – it prevents your clothing from rubbing against dry skin and creating unwanted sparks. Target extra clingy areas by applying talcum powder to your skin.

Adding fabric softener to a load of laundry helps to invisibly lubricate clothing, dispelling electricity and leaving garments super soft. 

static-electricityUse a dryer sheet – adding an anti-static tumble dryer sheet to your washing machine stops clothes from rubbing together and electrons from building up. Rubbing a dry dryer sheet over your clothes while dressed can also work wonders.

static-electricityTouch grounded metal – touching any piece of grounded metal (like water pipes or a wire coat hanger) will banish static from your clothes.

Anti-static sprays are available on the high street. Designed for application on clothes or the body, these products can be an effective solution.

As very dry air is an ideal condition for static electricity, boosting humidity within the home using a humidifier can eliminate the problem.

static-electricityPutting a tennis ball in your dryer can also help to reduce static cling by preventing clothes from rubbing together as they dry.

Wear natural fabrics – synthetics pick up more of a static charge.


Don’t get zapped – give these solutions a try!