How to continue to stay positive – a few tips to keep you smiling

Everyone I speak with says they are finding the current Covid restrictions trickier than when we initially went into lockdown in March. The Tiers don’t seem to have made much difference unless you live in Cornwall, the Isle of Wight or the Scilly Isles. I think we are all fed up to the back teeth with this pandemic, especially with the colder weather and increasingly gloomy economic situation. So, how to continue to stay positive?

I thought it wouldn’t hurt to remind ourselves of a few ways to keep smiling. Particularly important with Christmas looming – such an emotive time of year.

The prospect of returning to normality is now less of a pipe dream thanks to the incredibly hard working teams of scientists around the world who are perfecting and mass producing vaccines.

The same negative thoughts going over and over in your mind? You can worry less if you follow this simple trick. Tell yourself that you will set aside time to worry – for example, Wednesday at 10am. Until then, you can get on with your life. Worry free.

How is your memory? Well mine is not good at the best of times but recently it has been dreadful. So I was relieved to hear that the pandemic has had an effect on many people’s recall and, once we go back to normal, our memories will be much improved. Phew. Listen to Radio 4’s All In The Mind for more reassuring info (16 minutes in).

If you are working from home or retired, enjoy the luxury of a lie-in. Them kickstart your day by doing the 10 minutes yoga routine for beginners, and remember to spend at least fifteen minutes on a daily walk in the fresh air. You’ll get a beneficial dose of Vitamin D and, of course, exercise releases endorphins which trigger a positive feeling in our bodies.

How to continue to stay positive - a few tips to keep you smiling

As we are all having a somewhat reduced Christmas this year, you could spend some spare time getting the best deals on your overheads. You may well save yourself a considerable amount by switching suppliers.

Escape to other places, other times. Put your feet up and relax as the mellifluous tones of a narrator read you a great book of your choice. Annabel’s post explains how you download.

Concentrate on what you can do, not what you can’t. This time of year we are usually super busy meeting friends for pre-Xmas drinks and suppers, but as nearly all of us are Tier 2 this isn’t an option. If you are fit and well, you might be able to offer community support, phone a neighbour who you know is alone and generally connect with people ie you could follow our ideas on keeping in touch with your grandchildren. A friendly chat is beneficial to both you and those you speak with.

How to continue to stay positive - a few tips to keep you smiling

Be creative. Apparently the sale of craft materials has rocketed over the last few months. Being absorbed in knitting, painting or taking photographs for example, will while away the time and you will have something to show for your efforts.

How to continue to stay positive - a few tips to keep you smiling

Pamper yourself. Now’s the time to luxuriate in a hot bath filled to the brim with fragrant bubbles. Perhaps by candlelight, clutching a G&T! Or try that face mask that’s been in your bathroom cupboard for ages.

Keep your mind active – whether reading a book on a subject you wouldn’t usually choose, tackling a daily crossword or trying a new recipe.

Enjoy the extra time at home – whether that’s doing a bit of DIY or nestling on the sofa and indulgently watching one of our recommended box sets.

Finally, remember to smile and look on the bright side. It really does soothe the soul.

How to continue to stay positive - a few tips to keep you smiling

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