Stop the world – I want to get off

Back in the early 1960s there was a musical called Stop the World – I want to get off by Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley. This last week these words have been at the forefront of my mind and in my opinion never been more appropriate. I genuinely feel I want to stop the carousel and leave the rat race now, to go find a peaceful spot and live my life, with my OH, away from all the aggression, madness, and Brexit talk.

Poster for Stop the World - I want to get off

What are my issues?

Apart from the refugee crisis, ethnic cleansing, racism, lunatic dictators, failing economies, social media destroying our children, climate change, and so on I have some other issues that are making me want to stop and get off now.

74 is the murder tally so far this year in London and we are only in June. Drug turf wars are the no.1 reason for this high death count. It amazes me that in this world of ‘knowledge at our fingertips’ we are told that there is a huge increase in drug taking amongst the so called ‘educated and intelligent’. Dinner parties in SW3 are more about the drugs than the food and wine. Is this why they all look so skinny? Down in the country we are all about the carbs and the calories. Maybe when Uber operates in the sticks the drug barons will extend their delivery service to beyond the M25. I am no prude but this is a good enough reason for me to want to find a bolthole away from all this madness.

Don’t even get me onto politics. Is there any party, or even an individual politician that you feel will represent you to do the best they can for their constituents. Too many of them put their own self-interests first when deciding what way to lead us. Two words sum this feeling up, Boris Johnson. He who used to be described as a man of the people but now seems to be more of the ‘every man for himself’ persuasion.

Look across the water to the most powerful leader in the Free World. Yes President Donald Trump who walks out of the tempestuous G7 talks like a defiant teenager who is bored and disinterested in the topics under discussion (the climate being one such subject). He flies to Singapore to meet with the world’s most unpredictable dictator Kim Jong-Un and whilst aboard Air Force One he sends a couple of incendiary tweets aimed at Mr. Trudeau. It only took 280 characters for good neighbourly relations between the US and Canada to go down the pan. Meanwhile at the first dinner in Singapore Trumps was presented with a birthday cake as he turned 72 years on Tuesday. Maybe his advanced years means he is not too interested in the world’s long-term future as he won’t be around for too much longer, with any luck (whoops did I type those terrible words!) Just as a footnote to all of this; whilst the G7 were attempting to meet, President Putin was meeting with China’s Xi Jinping. Are we really entering an era of international dislocation?

Angela Merket and other G7 leaders taking to a defiant Donald Trump / Stop the World
Mother talking to defiant teenager? No, Merkel trying to negotiate with Trump!

As for all the Brexit talk amongst the chattering classes, it now bores me rigid. It seems to be the sole topic of discussion and as none of us know what is going to happen, why we voted for it (if we did) and was it really the right choice, I think we should all avoid the topic and wait and see. We may be good at queuing but we seem to be very impatient when it comes to our politicians. Sadly I am not sure those negotiating on our behalf know any more than us. What I do know is that we are going to be left in this in-between world, neither in nor out with none of the benefits but all of the hardships. We have been punching above our weight far too long and now the reality that we a very small cog in the world wheel has begun to sink in.

So where is this mountain top dream going to take me? Some place that my children can visit but where the daily news cannot reach me. I want English flowers and greenery, sunshine, intermittent internet, good food and wine and for it to be a short plane ride away i.e. under 4 hours but far enough away from all this political correctness. Oh and BBC iPlayer so I can watch Poldark and ogle those abs – is that allowed anymore? My friends can visit if they don’t bring the newspapers and we will have no talk of politics. Fantasy? Probably but I can go on dreaming can’t I as it is better than the reality!

So that is why I want to stop the world sometime soon so that I can get off.

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  1. Hallelujah! These words are the most sensible I’ve read in a long time Poppy!
    I live in Spain and whilst I can tick almost all the boxes on your wish list, I’m afraid it’s still tricky to completely avoid embarrassing British politics and Trump egotistical nonsense. However, even though my world has not stopped completely, I can choose not to go online and instead walk on the beach in the sunshine and enjoy good food & wine in relative ignorance!! Have a good day ☺️

    • I think this is where the phrase ‘ignorance is bliss’ should be applied! I do not want to be ‘well-informed’ anymore! PPx

  2. Sounds like you need to come and live in the Lot, SW France! We live in a timeless bubble, which may, unfortunately, pop if Brexshit happens…

    • Love your play on ‘Brexit’ – from now on I shall always refer to it as ‘Brexshit’. Maybe France can join us in ‘Frexshit’!! PPx

  3. Well said Poppy! I agree with everything you said,Trump especially is the most irritating person, his face and voice and childish words leave me in disbelief. Let’s hope this summit will bring lasting peace to the Korean Peninsula then I will say well done Trump. It doesn’t mean I have to like the man, and his annoying quif! He needs a good barber,I am sure it would help his image.
    Oh well like you I too feel the same about getting off the world to some mountain top, we have some pretty decent ones in Wales and ahumm nice flowers, daffs in abundance Lol. For me though how about a Swiss Alp preferably holing up with Roger Federer I wouldn’t get off the world then!
    I enjoy your mid week comments. CC is my favourite blog.
    Pamela from Wales x

    • I am with you re how irritating Trump is. I think that Kim Jon-Ung may have played him – I am a little sceptical that half an hour with Trump and the Korean peninsula is sorted. A Swiss Alp with RF sounds enticing or a Cornish cliff top with Poldark! PP x

  4. I think that you need to have a lie down in a dark room and stop reading newspapers because they are driving you mad. What is it they say – change what you can, dont try and change that which you cant and learn to tell the difference or something like that. Let it all wash over your head wherever you might be because there is nothing we can do about it so no point in worrying. The press are out to get Trump, no matter what he does. Dont you think that famous photo was staged. It certainly looks it. He didnt storm off like a petulant teenager, he had a plane to catch to Singapore which in his mind was far more important. I dont believe the world was changed in a few hours of meeting with Kim. Much had been going on in the background and Trump just flew in to dot the i’s and cross the t’s.but the press wont give him credit for it and the anti-trumps are desparately trying to find a reason to discredit that meeting. Trump is doing a lot of good for america and neither party has produced anyone better to stand against him. He is a ruthless businessman not a tread softly politician, who has taken them all by surprise and they still dont know how to handle him but he is getting fast results.
    As for Brexit – well I too have switched off – wake me in March next year when the results are known. It is moving far too slowly for my liking but as I said in the beginning I cant change anything. I did vote and I hope the result is honoured. Meanwhile the crime in London is very disturbing and our countryside is being ruined by all these new developments springing up to house our expanding population. I had better stop before I really get going.

  5. I think you are as angry/upset as I am but with differing sentiments. On my mountain top I will be able to ignore the press both left and right wing. Until then it is unavoidable as the media in all its forms infiltrates our lives. I do agree with what you say about Trump in that he is a business man and he is doing it his way, dealing with the priorities he thinks are important and peace on the Korean peninsula is top of that list. I just wish he would get off Twitter which is where I lose respect for him. Don’t stop commenting as it is great to hear differing views. Air them as people need to know what others feel about major issues. PP

    • Thank you for your reply. I am glad that I didnt offend you but I dont always agree with the majority. I do agree about Trumps’s tweets – they do tend to stir up trouble. but I get so fed up with the Democrats and the media constantly Trump bashing and wish they would just let him get on with the job and give him praise when he is successful Likewise Theresa May. How that woman manages to cope with all that is thrown at her I dont know. I suppose this is the price of democracy. But sometimes when you are out and about, and it is a nice day, the sun is shining and everyone is happy, you think ‘isnt it lovely and peaceful’ and all that is happening in the world seems so far away, and you then think ‘why cant it always be like this’ so I do understand what you mean.

      • I totally agree with you. I respect anyone that is prepared to take on a job of leadership with all of us armchair critics about!! I just wish for one thing that everyone could learn to live in peace with their neighbours and we could enjoy our wonderful world. Have a lovely sunny weekend. x

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